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DD’s adorable letter to her dad in Heaven!

Popular television anchor and actress Divyadarshani, better known as DD, recently paid a glowing tribute to her late dad by penning an open letter to him.

The anchor, while recalling all that he had done for her, also regretted the fact that her dream of buying him a shirt remains unfulfilled to this day.

The young charming anchor re-published the letter that she had written to her late father, fondly remembering his sacrifices for her and her family.

She reposted the letter on instagram, saying, “Letter to my Dad (which) I wrote a couple of years back. I wanted to repost today (as this is the day nearly 2 decades back our DAD left earth … it’s his anniversary of rememberance today)

“Also as FATHERS’ DAY is around the corner, I wanna give spl appreciation post to all the FATHERS out there, who have a brave face in the morning with all hopes, in front of their kids, but are having sleepless nights because of these uncertain times. All I wanna say to those (specially)young fathers is, one thing that I’m certain about is ,YOU will alwys be your daughter’s/son’s FIRST HERO …because there is nothing stronger than the WILL OF A FATHER… I don’t know when this phase will pass but it will definitely pass, ADVANCE HAPPY FATHERS’ DAY and to my APPA, wish I could buy u a shirt ❤️❤️ Alwys praying for ur peace.”

In the letter, DD says, “I would want to let you know my biggest regret today. No matter how much I earn today, my biggest, saddest regret would be that I couldn’t buy you a shirt, cos during the time you left us, you had only two good shirts for yourself and we didn’t even know this. Today, I would give the world anything to buy you a good shirt with my hard-earned money. For this, till my last day, I will be the poorest daughter.”