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Director Cheran regrets not taking up actor Vijay’s offer!

Vijay with Cheran picture

Director Cheran, who has delivered some of the landmark films in Tamil cinema including critically acclaimed masterpieces such as Autograph and Thavamai Thavamirundhu, has expressed regret that he did not utilise an opportunity that actor Vijay gave to direct him.

Taking to social media, Cheran said, “I can never forget the way Vijay congratulated me over phone after having watched my film at the Prarthana theatre. After that, he also agreed to do a film with me. I was the one who was unable to take up that offer as I did not want to take up a film without completing Thavamaai Thavamirudhu, which was half way through.

“I shouldn’t have committed that mistake. I realise how big a mistake it was to let go of the opportunity because of the thought that the producer of Thavamaai Thavamirundhu would be affected.I have been thinking of meeting Vijay and expressing my regret for this decision. I will do it when I meet him in person.

“I cannot forget the three hours during which I narrated the script of Autograph to him. He did not move a muscle, did not attend a phone call during the entire period. That act of just intensely looking at me and listening to the story… wow, great!The only time he interrupted me was to ask whether I needed a glass of water. There was so much dedication. That is why he has risen to such great heights.”