Indian 2: Talks between director Shankar, Lyca Productions fail

Dispute between director Shankar and Lyca productions over Indian 2 continues, with talks between both parties failing…

The dispute between director Shankar and popular production house Lyca over the completion of Indian 2 continues, with both parties failing to arrive at a consensus at the recent talks held on the advice of the Madras High Court.

It may be recalled that Lyca Productions had filed a plea in the High Court, praying that it must get director Shankar to first complete Indian 2 before allowing him to move on to other film projects. The production house filed the petition after Shankar announced that he was to work with Telugu actor Ram Charan on a historical drama.

Lyca, which had paid Rs 14 crore to Shankar as part of his remuneration for the film, had said that it was willing to submit the remaining Rs 26 crore of his fee to the court. The film, starring Kamal Haasan, Kajal Aggarwal and Rakul Preet Singh in the lead and being made on a budget of Rs 236 crore, is a sequel to the popular blockbuster Indian.

In the wake of this dispute, the Madras High Court had suggested that both parties sit together and talk the issue out. However, after talks, Shankar told the court that the talks between the two sides had failed and that it was upto the court to now find a solution to the problem.

Shankar’s team said that while they were ready to complete the remaining portions of the film by October this year, Lyca is insisting that they complete the film by June this year.