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Review – Charlie Chaplin 2

Film: Charlie Chaplin 2

Director: Sakthi Chidambaram

Cast: Prabhu Deva, Nikki Galrani, Adah Sharma, Vivek Prasanna, Ravi Maria, Aravind Akash, Prabhu, Chaams, Goli Soda Seetha and others.

Cinematography: Soundararajan

Music: Amrish

Sakthi Chidambaram, who made Charlie Chaplin in 2002, has returned 17 years later with Charlie Chaplin 2. While Prabhu and Prabhu Deva play the male leads in this film too, the female leads are all new. Nikki Galrani and Adah Sharma play the female leads in this second part, the story of which has nothing to do with the first one.

A case of mistaken identity results in Thiru (Prabhu Deva) falling in love with Sara (Nikki Galrani), who happens to be the daughter of Dr Ramakrishnan (Prabhu). However, Sara reciprocates his feelings for her and Ramakrishnan, who is concerned about only his daughter’s happiness, gives the go-ahead for their wedding.

Preparations for the wedding begin and guests for the wedding begin to arrive. Thiru’s close friend Dubai Raja (Vivek Prasanna), too arrives from Dubai for the wedding and with him, arrives trouble.

Thiru and Raja along with a couple of close friends decide to drink. While being drunk, Raja, who takes a look at the bride’s picture, casts aspersions on her character. He whips out a video of what looks like Sara kissing a boy to substantiate his claim.

The video infuriates Thiru, who is already too drunk to think clearly. Taking Raja’s advice, he tries to call up Sara to give her a piece of his mind. When he is unable to reach her, Raja suggests that Thiru send her a video of him abusing her on What’s App.

Thiru too thinks it to be a good idea and does exactly that. He hurls abuses at not just Sara but also her dad and sends it across as a video on What’s App. The next morning, when the friends regain their senses, they realize that Sara was not cheating or making out, she was in fact rescuing someone.

Realising his folly, Thiru repents. He thinks it is too late to save his wedding and that he has lost Sara forever. However, Aravind, another friend of Thiru, points out that there is only one tick mark against the video that Thiru has sent Sara on What’s App and gives him hope that she hasn’t seen it yet.

The friends race against time to Tirupati where the wedding is to happen. They hope to stop Sara from seeing what was sent to her. But that isn’t exactly as easy as it sounds. What follows is a series of problems, confusion and chaos.

The film begins on a slow note but begins to gain pace as it progresses. Just before the intermission, the film turns really interesting. The second half is where most of the twists and turns happen.

The film’s biggest strength is its music. Music director Amresh Ganesh comes up with some really melodious numbers to lift the film by a notch. Already one of the songs of the film, Chinna Machan, is a hit number. Two of the other songs, I want to marry you and Ivala Ivala, are too good.

Be it the background score or the songs, Amresh has done a fantastic job.

Prabhu as always plays his part to perfection. Prabhu Deva looks young and fit. Both Prabhu and Prabhu Deva look exactly how they looked 17 years ago, when they played the lead in the first part. Both don’t seem to have aged, even one bit!

Nikki is adorable. Funny, cute and innocent, she steals your heart. Adah Sharma as Saara has a small role but plays her part well. Vivek Prasanna as the problem maker Dubai Raja comes up with a decent performance.

On the whole, Charlie Chaplin 2 is a proper commercial entertainer.

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