I am hearbroken and scared: Vanitha Vijaykumar

Actress Vanitha Vijayakumar and her third husband Peter Paul may well be on the verge of parting ways for good if one is to go by her latest video

Vanitha Vijaykumar breaks up with Peter Paul

Actress Vanitha Vijayakumar and her third husband Peter Paul may well be on the verge of parting ways for good if one is to go by the latest video put out by the actress and Bigg Boss contestant.

It was only yesterday that Vanitha Vijayakumar had put out a series of tweets, in which she had responded to rumours claiming that the two had broken up. However, the tweets were not clear as to what the exact status of their relationship was at the moment.

Today,the actress again put out a video in which she spilled the beans.

Vanitha Vijayakumar said, “I had put out a tweet. The reason why I put out those tweets was for a lot of people who were genuinely concerned about me. I owed it to them to let them know what was happening. This video too is only for those who are geniunely concerned about me. It is not for haters. They will hate everything.

“Coming to the point, yes, there have been a few problems that have been going on between me and Peter Paul for the past few days. The reason for this is because when I met him, he was leading a bachelor’s life. I began moving closely with him in the belief that he was single and that he wasn’t cheating me. I did not know that he was a married man at that time. Had I known, I wouldn’t have even thought of having a relationship with him.

“I didn’t know that he was married at the time he proposed to me. All I wanted was companionship. I do not know what he had in mind when he proposed to me. I do not know if he thought he could get away with it because a lot of men do it to women,” the actress said in the video.

She went on to say, “Nobody in this world has the moral authority to speak ill of me or my character because I have been perfect in all my ways. I have been a perfect mother. I have been a perfect wife. Even today,my ex-husband and I have a great relationship. The only misunderstanding I had with him was over the custody of the child. If even today he calls me up and enquires if I am alright, it shows that it wasn’t me who was the reason why that marriage didn’t work out.”

The actress, giving out details of what went wrong between her and Peter Paul, said, “I didn’t know that Peter Paul hadn’t divorced. All I wanted was a happy, married life and that thought is what has got me this bad name. His wife, who claims to be his wife until now, filed a complaint and exposed it in the media to create a problem. I wanted to talk to her. I tried to talk to her on June 26th. She never came on line. I spoke to her son then. The next day, to create a controversy, she went to the police. There was no need to go to the police. If she had spoken to Vanitha over phone, I would have thrashed him with a slipper and sent him, if this had been the truth. I also had to see what was around me for she was busy creating an impression that it was I who had drawn him away from her and as if prior to that they were living together for a 100 years in harmony. An impression that she and her children were left on the streets to starve was created. I can tell you that it is a complete lie.”

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Stating that her lawyer had advised her to get married only after the divorce came through, Vanitha said, “My lawyer advised me and I also felt the same that this could not be registered as a wedding. What happened in my life was an engagement and a celebration of love. So, I told him to get a divorce and come and that we could then have our wedding registered.”

“I trusted in Paul. He was very caring and understanding. I started being dependent on him for even small things. I have never been like that before. Even my children have a great relationship with him. He fell sick while travelling. It could have happened to me as well. A lot of things have given a lot of stress this year. Due to bad diet habits (he had eaten in ordinary hotels for seven years) and smoking, his health took a hit. He was smoking extensively because of all the trolling that was happening in the media. He suffered a heart attack. The tension and stress that I felt when he suffered a heart attack, I have never felt it before. His surgery was supposed to be a major one but luckily it ended with only a stent having to be placed. We saved him. He restarted work once we came back,” actress Vanitha said.

“But then, Paul couldn’t give up his addiction to cigarettes. I trusted him, hoping that he wouldn’t smoke. But then, he kept coughing. I thought that that was because of giving up smoking. People who give up smoking too keep coughing. But then, it reached a stage wherein he kept continuously coughing for three days and I thought that he was going to die. So, we took him to the hospital again and treated him. This time, he had to spend a week in the hospital out of which he had to spend 5 days in the ICU. I fell at Peter Paul’s feet and begged him not to do this, saying what will we do without him. I told him that I had taken on his family and the world for his sake. He gave me an assurance that he would quit smoking. This time, I was a little more reassured but then, I put him on surveillance. I put a tracker on his phone after informing him,” Vanitha claimed.

The actress said that she however caught him smoking a couple of times. “It became a small issue as he felt that the cigarette was more important than me. The doctors had advised that even if he smoked one cigarette, he would die. He kept lying repeatedly to me. He was depressed. And he must have also felt bad at the manner in which he was being trolled in the media. So, the frustration levels were going up. To bring this down, we decided to go on a trip to Goa.

“We had a wonderful time in Goa. I was working there in Goa too but then, we had a good time. However, the day we were to depart for Chennai from Goa,he got a call from his brother saying that their step brother, whom he loves dearly, had been hospitalised.

“A few minutes after that call, I could smell alcohol on him. He had consumed alcohol probably because of the stress. This I don’t know after how many years he began consuming alcohol. On our return journey, we had a fight. He was drunk and therefore, I chose to drive. I drove 14 hours and we reached home in the morning at 8. Before I could get to the house from the car, he went missing. For the next few days, he kept avoiding me. He couldn’t control himself and kept consuming alcohol and the alcohol level in his blood went up. I kept tracking him and bringing him back but he kept running away and consuming alcohol.

“It was in these circumstances that his elder brother died. He wanted to go meet his mother and attend the funeral ceremony. I said Okay. I did not want to go there with him and make things difficult for his family. It is then that I got a call from his brother, who said that he hadn’t come there. I start searching for Peter Paul. He did not turn up at their house until the next morning when the body was about to be removed and laid to rest. He was in a drunk state then too. His brother called me up and said that he had just arrived and that he was so drunk that he couldn’t even stand straight.

“Until now, Peter Paul’s phone has been switched off. People tell me that he is okay. Yesterday, someone saw him arrive at the office drunk. He has slept there. I don’t see the need for him to do this. I am heartbroken to know that he values alcoholism more than me. He makes a lot of mistakes but I can’t directly blame him even now. I don’t even know why. His brother says that this is a pattern and that this is how he has done before as well. When alcohol goes into his blood, he behaves like this.

“Anyway, I am heartbroken and I am scared. If something happens to him, his wife will only blame me. That is okay. She knows his condition but despite that, she will blame me. That is okay. In this last year, there has been a reason why has been in my life and I in his. Maybe, I might have come in to his life to save it. If I hadn’t been there, he would have been alone. Nobody would have been there to take him to the hospital also.

“My love was true. But I have been cheated. I have lost. I have always had faith in love and marriage. I am not just lucky in it. If we are not wrong in any way, we shouldn’t give up our hope and courage. Even today, I am at the crossroads. I did not expect to be at this cross road so soon. But, my life will continue. I have to continue. I have to bring up my children. I just feel so bad. All I can say is it is going to take some time for me to come back to normal. As a woman, I am hurt. I will keep going and be strong for my daughters.

“I wish to tell Elizabeth (Peter Paul’s first wife), I can understand some 10 per cent of what you would have gone through with regard to Peter Paul. My only issue with you is that you made me look like a villain while I actually did nothing. I never came between you and him. Your conscience knows that well. How many times did I call you when he was in the hospital? I messaged your son, so that they could come and visit him in the hospital. You are busy attacking me. Please understand that there is no enemity between you and me. I have nothing against you. If I have hurt you in anyway, I am sorry. At the hospital, I had called up the police station where you had lodged a complaint, asking them to give a no objection certificate or to ask you to come to the hospital and sign the documents as the hospital was scared that they could get into trouble if I signed the documents for his treatment. You did not come and even do, what I, as a third person, did.

“You might have a 1000 problems with him but that is what you must have basically done. If you claim to be a wife, be a wife and stand by him. If you want to leave him and run away, run away. But don’t ruin his life. If there was no media related tension, he wouldn’t have suffered a heart attack. If you think you want your husband, please go and live with him if possible. I am not going to stop you in any way because I came mid way and so, let me also leave midway. I think I came for a reason. Maybe, I came as a blessing to save him – something which you cannot do. I am sure I will come out of this strong enough for my children’s sake,” Vanitha Vijayakumar said.