Gallery: When Samantha played Santa to underprivileged children!

It is the season of Christmas and a lot of celebrities have been putting up pictures of their Christmas celebrations.

However, actress Samantha’s Christmas celebrations seem to be the best. Nope, we aren’t rating it high because of the handsome pics that she has posted. We are rating it high because the actress chose to play Santa to some really disadvantaged kids.

She played Santa and distributed new clothes to all those children, who were delighted with the gifts.

The actress seems to have derived joy by providing happiness to the poor. In fact, after distributing the goodies, the actress posted a pic of a child with his new dress and said, “That look ?????? that look on his face .. i know I made someone truly happy today and that makes it a really really good Christmas Day . Played Santa for the day and all the kids got to pick new clothes for Christmas.”

Here we present to you all the pictures shot on the occasion, enjoy!!!

  • When Samantha played Santa to underprivileged children!