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Review: Pattas

Film: Pattas
Director: Durai Senthil Kumar
Cast: Dhanush, Mehreen Pirzada, Sneha, Naveen Chandra, Nasser, Munishkanth, Kalakapovathu Yaaru Sathish and others
Cinematography:Om Prakash
Rating:3.5 stars

Director Durai Senthilkumar comes up with an engaging action thriller that not only entertains but also looks to create an awareness about an ancient martial art called Adi Murai that originated on this soil.

Two small time thieves Sakthi (Dhanush) and (Sathish) rob a Mixed Martial Arts Dojo to get their haughty neighbour Sadhana (Mehreen Pirzada) into trouble. The dojo is owned by a ruthless martial art exponent Dhanapal ( Naveen Chandra) who, after getting his son to win the Mixed Martial Arts tournament in Thailand, is looking to conduct the international tournament in Chennai.

On getting to know that his dojo has been robbed of its awards and medals, Dhanapal is furious and gets his people to find out who is behind this act. Even as his men make efforts to find out the culprits, an attempt is made on his life by Kanyakumari (Sneha), a convict who has just been released after serving a life sentence in a prison in Kerala. Why is Kanya trying to kill Dhanapal? Pattas gives you the answer.

The film starts off on a slow note with the first half having more humour than action. But as the story progresses, it begins to pick up pace. By the time the first half ends, the story is nicely poised to entertain you. In fact, you pretty much know what the second half has in store for you.

And Durai Senthilkumar doesn’t disappoint. The second half begins in an explosive fashion with the story of Dhiraviyam Perumal, an exponent of the ancient martial art of Adi Murai.The manner in which the director narrates about the martial art and how other modern art forms evolved from it makes your heart swell with pride. And that is the film’s biggest strength. By the time the film gets over, you heartily wish that you had known about this martial art form earlier and that you had made an effort to learn the skill of your ancestors!

The first half is owned by comedian Sathish (This is not the comedian we all know). In fact, this Sathish, who has made a mark for himself through Kalaka Povathu Yaaru, could well be making his debut through this film. But boy, does he make a mark! His lines are sharp and his delivery is deadly. The net result — his portions are absolutely entertaining. In fact, so good are his jokes and the manner in which he delivers them that he overshadows the performance of every other artiste in the film until then.

The second half of the film is owned by Dhanush– not as Sakthi but as Sakthi’s father Dhiraviyam Perumal. It is amazing how a beard and a moustache can bring about so much of change to a man’s personality. Dhanush just kills it with this look and looks every bit convincing as the martial art exponent.

Sneha, who wasn’t seen for quite some time on the big screen, makes a strong comeback with yet another neat performance as Kanyakumari. Mehreen Pirzada comes up with a cute performance that is endearing. Her performance in the second half is neat and bang on target. Nasser and Munishkanth too deliver commendable performances.

Naveen Chandra does admirable work as the antagonist of the film. His viciousness and ruthlessness are what make the film’s plot work. It is highly laudable that a young charming hero agrees to play the villain in another actor’s film.

Vivek-Mervin’s background score is apt and the film’s songs are enjoyable. Om Prakash’s camerawork is fantastic.

All in all, Pattas is a proper commercial entertainer with a meaningful message. In other words, this is just the perfect film to turn this Pongal into a cracker of a festival!