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Dhanush lashes out at ICC umpires! Here’s why!

Umpiring in the ongoing ICC Cricket World cup has come in for scathing criticism after yesterday’s match between the West Indies and Australia, which the latter won, one might say,  after quite a bit of considerable support from the umpires.

Prominent among those who called out the bad and biased nature of umpiring was actor Dhanush, who had no hesitation in calling a spade a spade.

Taking to Twitter, Dhanush said, “I hope that umpire is happy who dint want West Indies to win at any cost !! #congratsumpire .. well fought windies. Had to be looked into. #icc poor umpiring at its level best. Oh biased as well.”

While Dhanush and scores of others like him around the world felt outraged at the sad state of umpiring, the West Indian captain, Jason Holder, took the deliberately bad calls in their stride.

At the post match press conference, Jason Holder was asked by a reporter, “Jason, Five DRS referrals, a lot of confusion. Is the system working? Did you have any concerns with the standard of umpiring or how that played out? It was bizarre.”

Smiling as always, Jason replied, “I think all I’ll say is that I found ourselves to be a bit unlucky to be at the other end of all the decisions. You know, honest mistakes from the umpires and I don’t want to get into the officiating part, but it’s just ironic… I don’t even know what to say about it. But it’s just a funny situation where all of them went against us and we had to review them but, I guess it’s a part of the game again.”

His reply and attitude have been winning as many hearts for the West Indies as has Dhanush’s decision to call out the bad umpiring.

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