Review: Jiivi 2

Director V J Gopinath, who impressed with his ‘Jiivi’, is now back with a sequel that is as good as the first part, if not better.

Review: Jiivi 2
Director: V J Gopinath
Cast: Vetri, Karunakaran, Ashwini, Rohini, Mime Gopi, Mubashir, Jawahar and others
Music:Sundaramurthy K S
Cinematography:Praveen Kumar D
Releasing on Aha Tamil

Director V J Gopinath, who impressed with his ‘Jiivi’, is now back with a sequel that is as good as the first part, if not better.

For the sake of those who might not have watched the first part or who might have forgotten the plot of the film, Gopinath gives a short recap of the first part before beginning the plot of the second.

The film is as gripping and thrilling as the first one. Saravanan (Vetri) is now a married man who has to bear the burden of his entire family. Working as a delivery boy, he has to meet family expenses and also the medical expenses of his wife Kavitha (Ashwini), a visually impaired woman, and his dad.

When he can no longer manage the financial situation, Saravanan decides to steal again. This time, he plans to rob his well-to-friend Hari (Mubashir) who lives with his grandmother alone. He tells his plan to Mani (Karunakaran), who demands half the jewels that Saravanan intends to steal.

Saravanan asks Mani to invite Hari for a drink to his place. When Hari heads to Mani’s place, Saravanan intends to go Hari’s place and rob him. The plan is executed and Saravanan manages to steal the gold jewellery that Hari has in his place. However, as he is leaving Hari’s house, Hari’s grandmother sees him. He bluffs his way out and heads back.

Just when Saravanan and Mani think that their plan is a success, the next day, cops ask the duo to come to Hari’s place. On heading there, they find Hari beaten to death. What happens then is what Jiivi2 is all about.

Gopinath seems to have cleverly spun a story from the first part that is equally interesting and thrilling. The dialogues are deep and the plot is so full of twists and turns that it is hard to guess what happens next. As a result, you can’t take your eyes off the screen for even a minute. Full marks to director Gopinath for a wonderful story and the gripping manner in which he narrates it.

Vetri as Saravanan does a fine job in Jiivi 2 as well. Calm, composed and intelligent, he looks the part and delivers a commendable performance.

Karunakaran as tea master Mani is equally convincing. The two of them, between them, raise the film to another level altogether.

Ashwini as Saravanan’s blind wife Kavitha looks natural and delivers what is expected of her convincingly.

Mime Gopi, who plays Kathir, Mubashir, who plays Hari, and Jawahar, who plays Inspector Aadil Mohammed, all impress.

Music director Sundaramurthy’s music is just perfect as are the visuals of cinematographer Praveen Kumar.

‘Jiivi 2’ is definitely worth watching!