Mirchi Shiva, Yogi Babu in Director Kannan’s official remake of Tamil classic ‘Kasethan Kadavulada’

Director Kannan is all set to remake the classic comedy ‘Kasethan Kadavulda’, an all-time favourite of Tamil audiences.

Kannan to remake Kasedhaan kadavulada

Director Kannan is all set to remake ‘Kasethan Kadavulda’, an all-time favourite of Tamil audiences.

The original classic featured iconic actors like Muthuraman, Thengai Srinivasan and Aachi Manorama.

The official remake will feature Mirchi Shiva in the role essayed by Muthuraman, Yogi Babu in the role performed by Thengai Srinivasan and actress Oorvasi in the role of Manorama.

Actor Karunakaran and a few more prominent actors are a part of the star cast and talks are on with a leading heroine to be a part of this movie.

Director-Producer R Kannan is expected to announce the other cast and crew members soon.

Says director Kannan, “The pandemic has brought a lot of stress upon everyone. Although new releases on OTT platforms have been winning critical acclaim and garnering positive reviews, they have been made primarily in genres like crime, supernatural thrillers and mystery. However, family audiences are desperately looking for laughter-riots that will be stress-busters.

“There are very few movies like Kadhalikka Neramillai or Kasethan Kadavulada that continue to be evergreen entertainers. I felt that Kasethan Kadavulada will be a tailor-made treat for the audiences and got the official remake rights. I am confident that with a team comprising promising actors like Mirchi Shiva, Yogi Babu, Oorvasi madam, Karunakaran and others, we will be able to do it.”

Ask him about the challenges involved in the modern-day adaptation of this classic comedy that was released in 1972 and director Kannan says, “To be honest, the movie was far ahead of time, when it got released. Say, for instance, there’s a particular scene in the movie, where the locker is opened with a 4-digit code at a time when ATMs never existed. So, it isn’t going to be a big task in modernizing the tale. However, the greatest challenge is doing justice to the original script, and we, as a team, are keeping our fingers crossed.”

Sharing details about the project, director Kannan says, “Shooting will commence by July 15 and we will wrap up the film in a single schedule of 35 days. We will be disclosing the names of the other cast and crew members shortly.”

The movie is produced by director Kannan’s production house Masala Pix in association with MKRP Productions.

Director Kannan’s upcoming film ‘Thalli Pogathey’, starring Atharvaa Murali and Anupama Parameswaran in the lead, is already censored and is set for a worldwide theatrical release in mid-August.

The director’s other movie, ‘The Great Indian Kitchen’ starring Rahul Ravindran and Aishwarya Rajesh in lead roles is close on the heels of completion.