Nayan infected with Corona? Vignesh Shivn clarifies!

Is Nayan down with Corona? Have she and Vignesh Shivn been quarantined? These are some of the rumours doing the rounds. Vignesh Shivn clarifies…

Vignesh Shivn, Nayanthara

Director Vignesh Shivn and actress Nayanthara have trashed rumours doing the rounds that they have been infected with the dreaded Corona virus and have been quarantined.

Taking to Twitter, Vignesh Shivn posted a cute video in which both Nayanthara and he, appearing like kids, are seen enjoying a song.

Along with the video, Vignesh tweeted, “And that’s how we see the news about us. The dear corona & ur wonderful designs with dead images of us!! Hi, We are alive , healthy and happy. God has given us enough strength & happiness to see the imagination of all you jokers and your silly jokes.”

This clarification comes at a time when Chennai is turning a hotspot for Covid 19, with the number of those being infected by the virus going up day by day.

The director and the actress resorted to the step after a number of rumours started doing the rounds about both of them being down with Covid 19 and a section of the media began reporting about these rumours.