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Radharavi’s defamatory speech against Nayanthara triggers series of controversies!

Actor Radharavi’s speech at the press meet of the Nayanthara-starrer Kolaiyuthir Kalam seems to have
triggered a series of controversies.

Radharavi’s speech, in which he is alleged to have made disrespectful references to women in general and Nayanthara in particular, evoked a strong response from director Vignesh Shivan.

Vignesh Shivan, who is Nayanthara’s boyfriend, tweeted, “Clueless and helpless cos no one will support or do anything or take any action against that filthy piece of shit coming from a legendary family .. he keeps doing this to seek attention! Brainless ! Sad to see audience laughing& clapping for his filthy comments!

“None of us had any idea that this event was going to take place for an incomplete film .. the actual producers or directors left the film few years back I guess! Inappropriate event wit unnecessary people sitting and knowing not what to speak ! If this is called promoting a movie.

“Then it’s good to stay away from such events which don’t have any need but jus to give opportunities like this for jobless people to vomit 🤮 some senseless , useless stuff on stage ! Anyways no one from Nadigar sangam or any sangam will take any action against him #Sad #state.”

Singer Chinmayi, who has an axe to grind against Radharavi, wasted no time in calling for action against him. She tweeted, “Been waiting since yesterday for *some* sort of a condemnation from the male actor fraternity in Tamilnadu since yesterday.In this video, Radha Ravi, President, TN Dubbing Union openly slut shames a female actor at HER movie’s trailer launch.And not. a. word from anyone. Yet.”

Vignesh Shivan also went on to tweet, “In 2017, Mr.Radha Ravi made a crass insensitive comment about children with disabilities. It is men like Mr.Radha Ravi who perpetuate & glorify the violence against women & children.

“In 2018, there was a sexual harassment complaint against Mr.Radha Ravi by a distressed actress, who feared to reveal her identity. He walked scotfree. A little later Mr.Radha Ravi scandalously & insensitively mocked at the #MeToo movement.

“@mkstalin sir & @KanimozhiDMK Madame, both respected leaders have voiced vociferously against Pollachi Sexual Harassment case. Please , Why don’t you take stringent action against male chauvinist, crass sexist & bully Mr.Radha Ravi? Kindly acknowledge and take action.”

His request was heeded by the DMK President, M K Stalin and the DMK announced that Radharavi was being suspended for violating party bye-laws and acting in a fashion that had brought disrepute to the party.

Radharavi, however, hit back by announcing that he was choosing to leave the party for good.

In the meantime, actor Vishal, who happens to the Secretary of the Nadigar Sangam and the president of the producers’ council, tweeted, “Dear #radharavi SIR.Yes as a gen Secy of Nadigar sangam I wish I had da pleasure of signing the letter of condemning u 4 yr stupidity n yr recent speech against women n particular.its snt 2 u.grow yaself Ravi fm nowonwrds Coz u hv a woman s name n ya name.”

Even before this controversy could end, another one erupted with actor Siddharth tweeting his thoughts on Nayanthara’s silence on the #MeToo movement.

He tweeted, “I was shocked that my entire fraternity was either silent or cynical about the #MeToo movement; I silently rued the fact that it would take only the anger of a powerful woman to make the sleeping wake up. If you speak up only when your own are affected, it’s not called bravery.

“To any woman with influence who chose to be silent about #MeToo because of petty insecurity or prioritized outrage, please know you are as guilty as the men who dismissed the movement out of inherent misogyny. Each individual must take responsibility irrespective of gender.

Vignesh Shivan responded to this by posting a picture that read, “#Metoo is such a powerful and important movement across the world that rattled many industries, mainly the entertainment industry.

“One’s silence on social media does not mean that they are not supporting an issue.

“Nayanthara has always stood for the safety and welfare of women. She has openly endorsed the importance of a safe and comfortable work atmosphere for women in her movies too which has bigger reach than Twitter!

“She has extended her support morally and financially for many women and has also employed a few #Metoo victims in her movies in the real world but failed to broadcast it in social media due to obvious reasons…

“All this said, when we come up with an issue of a filthy remark so casually passed on a woman… instead of looking into the issue in concern, they choose to make such petty accusations…!

“It is saddening to see the way one is judged for her choice to be silent on social media.”

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