Review: Gatta Kusthi

The film, apart from providing solid entertainment for a good two-and-a-half hours, also seeks to drive home the pertinent message that girls in India, like boys, must be encouraged to pursue sports for a career.

Gutta Kusthi review

Film: Gatta Kusthi
Director: Chella Ayyavu
Cast: Vishnu Vishal, Aishwarya Lakshmi, Karunaas, Muniskanth, Kaali Venkat, Redin Kingsly and Harish Peraadi among others
Cinematography: Richard M Nathan
Music:Justin Prabhakaran
Editor: G K Prasanna
Rating: 3.5 stars

Director Chella Ayyavu’s ‘Gatta Kusthi’ is a romantic comedy that has a generous amount of comedy and an ideal amount of romance, action and drama, making it a thoroughly entertaining fare.

The film, apart from providing solid entertainment for a good two-and-a-half hours, also seeks to drive home the pertinent message that girls in India, like boys, must be encouraged to pursue sports for a career.

The story primarily revolves around two individuals — Veera (Vishnu Vishal) and Keerthi (Aishwarya Lakshmi).

Veera, who is living life king size in Tamil Nadu, is living off the wealth left by his ancestors. Having no education, he has never had a job and does not intend to get one. He whiles his time away by drinking, gambling and picking fights or attempting to resolve those fights that have already been picked.

Keerthi, in neighbouring Kerala, is just the opposite of Veera. She has completed her degree and is an accomplished wrestler, much to the dismay of her family members who are having difficulties finding her a suitable match. Prospective bridegrooms and their families get put off by the fact that Keerthi is a wrestler. Her cropped hair, her stern look and her muscular frame don’t help their cause.

Veera’s ambition is to wed a typical Indian bride, who has long hair and who is subservient to him. For this to happen, he knows he has to wed a girl who has studied less than what he has and that means finding a girl, who hasn’t even got past middle school.

It is under these circumstances that Veera’s brother Rathinam (Karunaas) one day happens to meet his childhood friend, Ganesan (Munishkanth) who happens to be Keerthi’s uncle. The friends catch up for a drink and it is not long before Ganesan finds out that Veera has quite a bit of property and that his only two expectations from his would be bride is that she has long hair and an education that is less than his.

He lies to Rathinam and Veera saying that his brother’s daughter Keerthi meets the specifications. He also gets everybody in Keerthi’s household to stick to the lie and gets Keerthi to wear a wig with long hair when Veera and his family members come to see her. Veera is swept off his feet by Keerthi’s beauty and he readily agrees to the wedding.

The wedding happens and Veera and Keerthi start living together. But soon, a situation arises wherein Veera’s life comes under threat. Keerthi has no option but to use her sporting skills to save her husband. However, this dents Veera’s pride, who becomes the laughing stock of the village. What happens then is what the film is all about…

Justin Prabhakaran’s background score for the film is nothing short of brilliant. ‘Chal Chakka’, one of the songs of the film, stands out for its melliflous tune and is sure to be a chart buster. Richard M Nathan’s cinematography is ideal for the film and works big time. Prasanna’s watchful eyes seem to have kept the film slim and trim.

Coming to performances, the film’s plot primarily revolves around Aishwarya Lakshmi, who plays the character of Keerthi with a flourish.

Be it the scenes where she silently obeys her husband during the initial days of her wedding or the scene where she saves his life and begins taking the upper hand, Aishwarya Lakshmi scores.

The plot might revolve around Aishwarya Lakshmi, but it is Vishnu Vishal’s antics that provide the entertainment and keep the proceedings lively. The guy is just brilliant in the comedy sequences and scores every time there is an opportunity.

One other aspect that Vishnu’s performance as Veera brings to the fore is his ability to combine well with any co-star to enhance the value of the total sequence by a big margin. Be it his sequences with Aishwarya or with Redin Kingsly or with Karunaas, or with the villain, the entertainment is just top notch.

Redin Kingsly delivers a fantastic performance in this one. He is outrageously hilarious, and kills it with his precise timing and delivery.

Karunaas, Munishkanth and Kaali Venkat too deliver exceptionally good performances to make the film a rollicking comedy!

On the whole, ‘Gatta Kusthi’ is a wholesome entertainer that is bound to leave you walking out of the theatre with a smile.