Review: Nayanthara’s commanding performance makes Netrikann a winner!

Nayanthara’s Netrikann, based on the Korean film Blind, is an intense thriller that keeps you engaged from start to finish…

Netrikann review


Film : Netrikann
Director: Milind Rau
Co-directors: Senthilkumar Kesavan and Hajee Mohammed
Cast: Nayanthara, Ajmal, Manikandan, Chenthu Mohan, Redin Kingsly and others
Music: Girishh Gopalakrishnan
Cinematography: R D Rajasekhar
Rating: 4 stars

Director Milind Rau’s Netrikann, which is based on the Korean hit film Blind, is one intense crime thriller that manages to keep you engaged from start to finish.

Durga (Nayanthara) is a CBI officer who loses her eyesight in an accident which also claims her brother. A couple of years after the accident, Durga is just a disillusioned, heartbroken woman, who is no longer on active duty. She continues to draw her salary from the government despite not performing any duty, primarily because of the pity her superior officer has taken on her. It is under these circumstances that one rainy night, while waiting for a cab to return home from the orphanage she grew up with her brother, Durga catches the eye of a sexual predator who has been a menace to young girls in the city. The sexual predator decides to try his luck and approaches Durga, who unsuspectingly boards the vehicle believing it to be her cab. What happens then is what Netrikann is all about…

The film has a simple but unique story as its soul. The director, who has realised this fact, seems to have capitalised on the strength of the film’s plot. He seems to have focussed his energies on narrating a story in as true a manner as possible and that decision seems to have paid off rich dividends. Netrikann has come out as a really well thought out, engaging investigative crime thriller that definitely deserves a theaterical release.

The plot of the film revolves around three main characters and Milind Rau’s choice of actors to play these three all-important characters is what has been the difference between what Netrikann is and what it could have easily become. Each of the artistes who play the three characters deserve a special mention.

The first is, without an iota of doubt, Nayanthara who plays the all important character of Durga. She delivers a commanding performance, which raises the standard of the film to a different level altogether. Playing a visually challenged person is no easy task and full marks to Nayanthara for having delivered such a convincing performance.

The second most important character of the film is that of the villain Dr James Dinah, which is played by Ajmal. The grossly underrated actor comes up with such a skillful performance that halfway in to the film, you actually begin to see him as a vicious psychopath with serious mental health issues. The third character that adds immense value to the film’s plot is the character of police sub-inspector Manikandan, played by actor Manikandan.

The combined efforts of these three, ably supported by a lovely labrador called Kannan and a number of other artistes including comedian Redin Kingsly, make Netrikann a winner all the way.

It is not just the cast who do a splendid job. On the technical front, music director Girish Gopalakrishnan delivers some outstanding numbers, including a mellifluous song that continues to ring in your head long after the film is over. His background score too is apt and enhances the emotion that each scene tries to convey.

Cinematographer R D Rajasekhar’s work is simply outstanding in the film. His aerial night time shots of Chennai make you go ‘wow’! The lighting in particular in several scenes of the film is just spot on. Some of the night time shots of Chennai make the city appear so lovely that you can’t help but take pride at the fact that your home town looks so lovely.

A well narrated story backed by some great visuals and lovely music make Netrikann succeed in its attempts to garner your attention. On the whole, this film is definitely worth a watch! Do check it out on Disney Hotstar!