Singer S P Balasubrahmanyam takes first step towards recovery!!

Singer S P Balasubrahmanyam takes first step towards recovery in fight against the dreaded Corona virus. Stays awake for a longer time!

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There is good news for fans of playback singer S P Balasubrahmanyam, who has been admitted to the MGM medical facility for Covid 19 treatment.

S P B Charan, the son of the dearly loved playback singer, put out a video today in which he gave details of his father’s present condition.

Starting off the video on a note of optimism, Charan said, “A pleasant 26th of August to all of you.”

Charan said he had visited the hospital this afternoon and that his dad was doing much better than he was doing the day before. “The hospital staff are very positive that he has taken the first step to recovery. We are hoping that there will be plenty more steps. Though it might not be a fast run, dad has taken the first step towards recovery. Why I say this is because of the confidence given by the MGM health centre’s team.”

The producer said that there was a slight improvement in the lungs of the singer and that his father stayed awake for a longer period of time today.

“He did try to write to something to communicate to me but he is still not in a position to hold a pen properly. I believe during this week, he will be able to write. I have requested the hospital to read him a newspaper everyday. He is listening to music and tapping to it. He is trying to sing. These are all very good signs of recovery. I can’t thank you all for the love, the concern and the prayers that you all have showered upon him,” Charan said.