Review: Aranmanai 3

Director Sundar C’s third film from the immensely popular Aranmanai franchise is as good if not better than the earlier parts.

Aranmanai 3 review

Film: Aranmanai 3
Director: Sundar C
Cast: Sundar C, Arya, Andrea Jeremiah, Raashi Khanna, Sakshi Aggarwal, Yogi Babu, Vivek, Nalini, Sampath and others
Music: Sathya C S
Cinematography: U K Senthil

Director Sundar C’s third film from the immensely popular Aranmanai franchise is as good if not better than the earlier parts.

Making a film that is a part of a successful franchise such as Aranmanai can be a daunting task but to Sundar C’s credit, he seems to have managed to deliver a gripping thriller that works for the third consecutive time.

Aranmanai 3, like the earlier two parts, is about a story that happens in a palace. However, the plot and the characters involved in it are completely new and refreshingly different.

The story begins with a court ruling on an ancient and powerful Shiva temple. The court’s ruling permits government officials to take control of a secret chamber behind the Sanctum Sanctorum of the temple, which until then was under lock and key.

The man responsible for having that secret room locked is Rajashekhar (Sampath), a widower who lives in a palace or Aranmanai, with his family that includes his daughter, Jyothi (Raashi Khanna). Strangely, Rajashekhar does not love his daughter. On the contrary, he loathes her. He claims that he does not like his daughter because it was while giving birth to her that his wife Eeshwari(Andrea) died.

Soon after the court ruling, the government official in-charge of the temple administration opens the secret chamber in the presence of the public and priests. However, they find the place empty. Or so they think. What they do not know is that by opening the secret chamber, they have set free something sinister and dangerous – something that is looking to take revenge and in the process rain hell on all those around…

Sundar C is a master of narration and he narrates this intriguing, sinister tale with gusto. The manner in which the story is narrated leaves you on the edge your seat, evoking in you a sense of anticipation and a slight sense of fear.

While the earlier parts had equal doses of humour and horror in it, one must say that Aranmanai 3 has more of horror than humour and it is this that makes it work big time.

The fantastic Amman statue that appears in the film and the beautiful location surrounding a lamp, which plays a crucial part in the climax, just add to the intensity of the narration. A pat on the back to the art direction department for this stellar effort.

Another department that deserves a special round of applause is the CG department. Their work is just brilliant in this film and that adds to the credibility of the plot. Disclosing details of their work might spoil the fun for viewers and therefore, I am going to stop right here.

Sathya C S, who has scored some catchy numbers for the film, comes up with a brilliant background score that just accentuates the emotions the director tries to convey. In particular, his score for the horror scenes strike terror.

Sundar C’s favourite cinematographer, U K Senthil, delivers yet another visual gem. His lighting is bright and the visuals are colourful when he showcases lighter or romantic moments in the film. Simulataneously, for horror sequences, his lighting is dark, inducing an element of fear and gloom into the hearts of the audiences.

Sundar C not only proves himself as a director but also excels as an actor in Aranmanai 3. He plays with conviction and ease, the difficult role of Ravi, the man who manages to solve the sinister mystery surrounding the palace.

Arya as Saravanan doesn’t have much to do but he plays his part in a convincing manner.

Raashi Khanna does an excellent job as Jyothi, the daughter of Rajashekar. Her performance in Aranmanai 3 is almost flawless. Be it romance or horror sequences, her facial expressions are perfect and she adds immense value to the film.

Andrea as Eashwari delivers yet another fine performance in Aranmanai 3. Her commanding performance as a spirit seeking revenge takes Aranmanai 3 up a notch!

Sampath as Rajashekar and Vela Ramamoorthy as a priest deliver outstanding performances in the film.

On the whole, Aranmanai 3 is definitely worth a watch!