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Actress Aathmika’s promises to her late dad!

Aathmika dad death letter

Actress Aathmika’s father expired after suffering a cardiac arrest on June 26, this year.

The shattered actress has penned a moving letter to her late dad in which she has made him a series of promises.

This is what the letter says,

“Dearest Dad,
I never got a chance to say good bye to you. I never got a chance to say I’ll miss you. Grieving through this pain, it totally rips me apart to know that I cannot share my love towards you anymore.

“How could you just disappear? Why God took you away too soon is still unclear. A void in me can never be filled. The pain I felt at losing you will never go away. But knowing that you’re in my heart helps me through each day. I’ll always think of you smiling, no matter how tough my life seems. You are a my special soul beyond compare. You have taught me everything I know and stood for.

“You have raised me to be strong and independent. I will always be your little girl and carry on all the good values you taught me to be.

“I promise you, I will make you proud with every step of my growth in life. I promise you, I wil always smile through the face of adversity.

“I promise you, I will always believe in myself no matter what anyone says.

“I promise you, I will always be honest and maintain dignity, something you treasured above money and wealth.

“I promise you, I will always be kind and compassionate towards others.

“I promise you, I will thrive to make this world a better place. You took away a part of me dead but I’ll keep a part of you always alive. I’ll be your legacy, I’ll be your voice.

“You live on in me. So, I’ve made a choice to honour you by living again with happiness and contentment. I love you and miss you more than anybody knows. I know someday, somewhere we will meet again.

“Until we do, I’ll find the strength to live through each day.

“Grateful for the happy years we had spent together. Blessed to be born as your child.

Cheers Appa!”