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Actress Manjima Mohan’s heartwarming story of courage and determination!

What a way to celebrate the festival of harvest! Here’s a real life story of grit and determination that is bound to warm your heart and bring a smile to your face!

Actress Manjima, who shot to fame with director Gautham Vasudev Menon’s Achcham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada, has made an amazing recovery from a serious injury that could have even jeopardised her career.

The young actress shared her motivating story of how she overcame the injury on the eve of the harvest festival, Pongal. She also mentioned how Manu Anand, the director of her upcoming film, FIR, was a pillar of strength in her battle for recovery.

Taking to social media, Manjima said, “Most of you know that I got injured and am recovering and there are a lot of actors out there who have also gone through this and even worse, through strength and determination, they have overcome all and are back on track. They made it look easy but only when I went through it did I realise that there is a lot more to recovery than they show. My respect to all those who were brave enough to overcome!

“But here’s my story (for those of you who are patient enough to read)

“When I got injured, the first few things running in my head were, ‘Would I be able to walk again? Will I be able to go to work again? Would I be able to do the one thing I love/dream about the most, Dance?’

“Honestly… in my head, the answer was NO!I had lost faith, I had succumbed to fear, even though my family and friends encouraged me, I was losing the fight in my head.

“So, where did my ray of hope come from?

“It came from the voice of my director over the phone saying, ‘ I believe in you and we will work around your recovery phase. It got me thinking. If he can believe in me, so can I.So, I dragged myself out of bed and started doing what I had to do for my work.

“The day I started shoot again, was the day I realised my strength. I was afraid. I was looked down upon by some who didn’t believe, but I was here and I love my work. So, I decided to give it my best, if not for myself, then at least for the man who believed in me.

“The response I got on set that day from almost every single crew member, be it an actor or people from the production department was truly a blessing. They all took care of me, helped me walk, helped me rest in between shots.

“Days went bgy, though I felt tired and weak, I kept doing what I had to do and what I found was my recovery quickened, my leg got stronger. My work was better. But MOST importantly, my faith in myself grew.

“And now, as I write this, I’m almost back to my 100% and my mind is free of fear and doubt.

“It’s all thanks to the few who never lost faith in me, though I did.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for pulling me out of my pit.

“And with that gratitude, I post this pic.Thank you Manu, for the unconditional faith!”