Actress takes to Twitter to help son robbed in Italy

Actress Suhasini put out her son’s mobile number on Twitter and asked those nearby him in Italy to help…

Social media seems to have its uses as well as actress Suhasini Mani Ratnam recently found out.

Yes, the actress was able to help her son, Nandan, who was stranded in Italy after being robbed off his belongings while on a visit to the country,  by appealing for help on the social networking platform, Twitter.

Nandan was on a holiday in Belluno in Italy when the robbery took place.

Suhasini went to her son’s aid by putting out his mobile number on Twitter and asking anybody nearby to provide him help.

She tweeted, “SOS anyone near Venice airport? Can you help our son who was robbed in Belunno. He needs to reach airport. Pls help.”

She later tweeted, “Anyone near Venice St Mark Square Police Station? Pls Pls help.”

Her appeal for help worked as the actress later tweeted,” Our son checked into a hotel. He is safe tonight.”

However, there were also a few others who seemed to have caused more trouble than offering help to the boy as the actress put out a tweet that read, “People who can’t help in venice pls don’t call the number i posted earlier as your drain out his battery & he ll lose contact. people from india pls don’t call and harass some one who already is in distress. (sic)”