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Bigg Boss fame Meera Mithun warns Vijay TV!

Meera Mithun, a model who shot to fame after participating in the popular Tamil Television reality show, Bigg Boss 3, has levelled serious allegations against Star Vijay TV,the channel in which the show was aired.

Talking to mediapersons, Meera Mithun alleged, “There is this Tamil TV channel called Vijay TV, which called me to this Bigg Boss reality show. As long as the show was there, they made use of my fame and content and as soon as it got over, there hasn’t been any response from them.

Claiming that the channel hadn’t paid her the money that was promised to her for participating in the show, the model said, “Why haven’t they responded? They haven’t honoured their commitments to me. If I message, they do not respond. There is no response even if I call. Even when I say that I will proceed legally against them, there is no response. I do not know what to do next.

The actress raked up another controversy by recalling the molestation charge that she had levelled against director Cheran during her stay in the Bigg Boss House.

Alleging that the channel had, without inquiring properly, showcased her, a woman, as the one to be at fault in the incident, Meera Mithun claimed, “When the incident happened everybody including the media house India Today was on my side. They asked “How can you defame a woman and send her out in this fashion?”

“Maybe, what I can do is I can take up this issue and file it under human rights. I can file it under women’s rights. If you will honour your commitments to me only if I take this up and bring it to a stage where it is felt that conducting such shows itself is wrong and that this show must be banned, then that will be my next step. Vijay TV, this is a very big warning for all of you all,” she threatened.

“Bigg Boss is a show that gives mental agony to its participants. We have done this show and none of the commitments that they made for it have been fulfilled. According to the agreement, the payments must have been made within 15 days. It has been 40 days and I hadn’t asked them all these days. I don’t know what they are planning next. But my next step will be very harsh and very rigourous,” she warned.

Training her guns on the Endemol group next, Meera said, “Endemol Group, you have hired us all for proper commitments (sic). I am a big celebrity. You have taken the celebrity quotient into consideration and only then hired me. However, you haven’t fulfilled your commitment. There is not even a response from you. We are not your slaves. You are our slaves. We are the ones who work and provide content and TRPs for you. You have got sponsors and made money. But why have you not fulfilled your commitment yet? This is very very bad behaviour. For all of this, I will have to put a Rs One crore defamation on Endemol and Vijay TV.”

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