Censor Board finally clears controversial reviewer Blue Sattai Maran’s debut film, Anti-Indian, with a U/A certificate!

The Censor Board has cleared Anti Indian, the debut film of controversial YouTube reviewer, Ilamaran, better known as ‘Blue Sattai’ Maran

Blue Sattai Maran with his producer Adam Bava

The Censor Board has finally cleared Anti Indian, the much-awaited debut film of controversial YouTube reviewer turned director, Ilamaran, better known as ‘Blue Sattai’ Maran, with a U/A certificate.

Announcing this to reporters, Blue Sattai Maran went on to explain the hassles he and his team had to go through to get the certificate.

The controversial reviewer said, “After completing my film Anti-Indian, we sent our film to the Censor Board in Chennai for clearance. After watching the film, we expected the officials here to appreciate us for our work. However, they, on the other hand, simply refused to certify the film without citing any reason. Following this, we decided to send our film to the Revising Committee of the Censor Board. While we were told that actress Gauthami, who holds an important position in the Board would be watching the film in Chennai, the film was sent to Bangalore where it was instead watched by a team that was headed by a gentleman named Nagaparana.

“The Revising Committee said that we would have to effect 38 cuts in the film if we wanted a certificate. If we were to implement the cuts in the 38 places that the revising committee mentioned, we would also have to cut out other portions. In all, it would result in 200 cuts having to be effected. If I agreed to do it, then, my film would definitely flop in theatres. Both my producer Adham Bava and I did not desire this.

“We therefore decided to appeal our case in the Tribunal. However, unfortunately, just as we were preparing to take our case to the Tribunal, the government decided to completely do away with such an entity. We then turned to our last ray of hope, the judiciary.

“We filed a case in the court, which after hearing our side of the arguments, dismissed the recommendations of the earlier teams of the Censor Board. It directed the Censor Board to constitute a fresh committee and asked them to issue an appropriate certificate with proper cuts. Following this, a fresh committee watched our film and cleared it with a U/A certficate, suggesting only three small corrections in our film,” the YouTube reviewer said.

Stating that there were several people who were interested in buying his film and that there were offers from several OTT platforms, Maran said that they were looking to release the film first in theatres before releasing it on one of the OTT platforms.