Dhanush on why he chose Sean Roldan over Anirudh!

Dhanush diplomatically answers one of the most difficult questions posed to him in recent times…

Actor Dhanush has broken his silence over why he chose Sean Roldan over music director Anirudh to score the music for the second part of Vellai Illa Pattadhari.

While both Sean Roldan and Anirudh are exceptional music directors in their own right, fans of Anirudh were disappointed that he wasn’t scoring the music for the second part of Vellai Illa Pattathaari. This was because Anirudh had done a fantastic job for the first part of the film and his music too was one of the important reasons why the movie had gone on to become a roaring hit.

Replying to a question on why he had picked Roldan over Anirudh for VIP 2, Dhanush, at the VIP2 press conference said, “ I was able to get Vellai Illa Pattathaari 1’s music and sensibilities correctly from Anirudh.  VIP part 1’s story , its emotions and the way its characters behaved were completely different from Part 2. To be more specific, in part I, Raghuvaran was a youth. He was a youngster and he was unemployed. I was able to get his pulse from Anirudh at that time.

“In part 2, Raghuvaran is a married man. He is a man who has lost his mother and his dad has now taken on the mantle of being both a mom and a dad. So, in this film, all the characters are in an emotionally mature zone. I needed a different kind of sound and music for this story and its situations.  Both Soundarya and I felt the same way.

“Similarly, we wanted to  look at this world of Raghuvaran in a different fashion. Usually, Velraj sir is one who shoots my film. But this time,  a new world was coming in through Vasundhara (Kajol’s Character’s name in the film). So, we felt that it would be good to see this world in a different angle and therefore, we opted to have three new chief technicians, including the music director and the cameraman. There is no other reason,” he said.

With regard to who would score the music for VIP’s third and fourth parts, Dhanush said, “As far as parts 3 and 4 are concerned,  the music director will be decided according to the sensibilities of that script. If after writing that script, I feel that that film’s sensibilities demand Sean Roldan’s music, then, I would approach him or if I feel Anirudh is better for that script, I will go to Anirudh. It depends on how that story shapes up.”