Did Amala Paul evade tax by getting car registered in Pondy?

Amala Paul finds herself in the midst of a controversy after a media report claimed the actress had evaded road tax to the tune of Rs 20 lakhs by getting her new car registered in Pondicherry using a false address.

Actress Amala Paul, who shot to fame with Mynaa in Tamil, finds herself in the midst of a controversy.

The controversy seems to have erupted over her decision to register a car in Pondicherry.

According to a section of the media, the actress, who bought a luxury car in August this year, has allegedly got it registered in Pondicherry using a false address to evade paying tax to the tune of Rs 20 lakhs.

The actress is believed to have bought a Mercedes Benz car for Rs 1.12 crore from a car dealer in Chennai and has taken it to her home in Kerala. However, the car has been registered in Pondicherry as the road tax that one has to pay in a Union Territory is much less than what one has to pay in a state.

Amala is believed to have paid Rs 1.75 lakh as road tax in Pondicherry whereas if she had got it registered in Kerala, she might have had to pay another 20 lakhs more. If one is to go by the Kerala Motor Vehicles Act, vehicles that are plying in Kerala but are registered in other states have to be registered again in Kerala within a year. Twenty per cent of the vehicle’s cost will have to be paid as Road Tax for the vehicle to be registered in Kerala.

Media reports have alleged that Amala, to avoid paying a sum of Rs 20 lakhs as tax, had got her car registered in Pondy using a false address. In fact, the address using which the car has been registered, is said to belong to a student, who has reportedly stated that he does not know Amala or that her car was registered in his address.