Fight against Corovid19: Kamal Haasan gives you tips on what to do at home for the next two weeks!

Even as India gears up for a full-scale shut down tomorrow in an effort to stop the pandemic Covid 19 from reaching stage 3, actor Kamal Haasan has put out two videos in which he explains why people must pay heed to the government’s call for a Janata Curfew tomorrow.

Speaking in Tamil, Kamal, in the first video, says, “We have been seeing in other countries that the impact of the Corona virus multiplies manifold during the fourth and fifth weeks from the time of its onset. Why is this? This is because of the movement of people who have been infected by the virus but who are unaware that they have been infected because the symptoms aren’t visible yet.

“Assume five people are infected. The infection can spread from these five to 25 people. The only way to stop it from spreading to a 100 people is by social distancing. Tamil Nadu is in the fourth week now, a time when a great awareness about this problem is needed. Avoid crowded places.Please leave your homes only if it is absolutely essential. By practising social distancing, you can ensure that you are not infected by the virus and that you do not pass it on to those near and dear to you.

“Your life might not necessarily be in danger just because you have the Corona virus. But then, for some, based on their health condition, it could prove to be fatal. That is why it becomes necessary for us to stay away from everybody.

“Stay at home. Spend time with your family. Speak to those who you like with all your heart over the phone. But when someone invites you to meet them in person, please refuse and avoid. We need to ensure that they are not affected by us and we are not affected by them. Distance yourself. Stay safe.Let not our ignorance or overconfidence that it will not come to us be a reason for this virus spreading through us. Precaution is what is important. Don’t forget!”

In the second video, Kamal says, “Why should I stay at home? What will we do for our income? We are in the March-April period and I have to pay my children’s school fees. Will I manage to make money tomorrow? There are several confusions like these. Please remember that to do all of these, it is imperative that you remain healthy. That is why these next two weeks are very important. Please set aside your genuine concerns and fears like, “What will happen to my job? What will happen to my childen’s education? What will happen to my business?” for the next two weeks and see how best you can make use of them by staying at home. If you are someone who has always been running after your business or work, you can take this opportunity to spend time with your family. You can use this time to teach your kids what you have learnt in all these years. Read that book that you wanted to but set aside because of lack of time. Watch that film you missed. Learn that music that you wanted to but couldn’t. Make those phone

calls that you wanted to. Spend time with the elders at home. Enroll your children in online courses and help them learn new things. Teach them how to cook food during an emergency now. Time has compelled you to take a small break from your machine-like routine life. Make right use of it. Stay home. Stay safe. “