‘Have no doubts about it, Rajini will enter politics’

Veteran politician Tamil Aruvi Manian has said that Rajini has confided in him that he will certainly enter politics and that there is no question of going back on this decision…

There’s excitement in the air as yet another source close to actor Rajinikanth has said with certainity that the Superstar will definitely be entering politics and what’s more, he will be starting his own party.

Well known politician Tamil Aruvi Manian, who says he met Rajinikanth twice and had lengthy discussions with him, has in an interview to the vernacular magazine Kumudam, claimed that Rajinikanth had confided to him that he would be starting his own party.

To a question on whether Rajini entering politics was a certainity now, Tamil Aruvi Manian replies, “He will certainly come to politics. I met Rajini twice on his invitation. Those meetings lasted for hours together and during this period, we spoke about a great many things. When I met Rajini the first time, I asked him clearly if he would start a party. I then asked him if he started such a party, would he run it as a separate entity?

“To these questions, Rajini clearly replied, ‘Sir, this is God’s order! Forty years ago, when I came to Chennai, I was empty-handed. The people of Tamil Nadu embraced this person (Rajini) who had nothing on him and raised him to this level wherein he enjoys this kind of prosperity, popularity and fame. I wish to show my gratitude to them by repaying them in some way or the other.I think my gratitude to my people must be by way of entering politics and giving them good administration. This is what my conscience and heart have made me realise. I will take this as an order from God and set foot in politics.There is no question of withdrawing from this decision.'”

Tamil Aruvi Manian goes on to say, “So, let nobody have any doubts about Rajini coming to politics. He is very clear about entering politics and what he has to do after entering it. He wishes to appoint qualified expert teams for each department to make them function efficiently. He wishes to be a person who would implement the schemes they carefully research and suggest for the welfare of the people.”