If everybody likes us, will life not become a bore?, Vijay asks fans

Actor Vijay has urged his fans to ignore the negativity around them and continue with their business.

Actor Vijay has urged his fans to ignore the negativity around them and continue with their business.

The actor said this at the audio launch of his film Mersal that was held at the SDAT stadium in Chennai on Sunday.

Speaking at the audio launch function, Vijay said, “There are some things that have been going on in my mind for the past few days. Please don’t think I am advising, I am not such a big person. But I wish to share some small experiences of mine with you.

“When I go to other places, I meet some friends who discuss with me a lot of things. When we talk like that, there have even been arguments. One thing that is commonly asked is about the negativities. They ask me how I handle the negativity that is around me. Simple. Ignore it. Ignore it and continue with your business. They  (Those spreading negativity) will scream and wear themselves out. This has happened lots of times in my life and that is why I am saying this. Please don’t react for unnecessary things,” he said.

However, the actor was quick to add, “At the same time, they will not allow us to live in this world. They will try to pressurise us from all sides. There is no other go. We have to overcome all of that and come up. If everybody likes us, then, will life not become a bore? Life will be interesting and fun only when if at least some of them don’t like us.

“At the same time, we have to look at who is with us. There are people who will shower love and affection if you have beauty and wealth. If you are with love, even the 10 people who prefer your company will be loyal. I think I am loving and that is why I have got all you true friends. I think what I have earned more than my hits and blockbusters is you,” the actor said to loud cheers from a jam-packed stadium.
He went on to utter a few lines that he liked. “They say two things define you. Your determination when you have nothing and your attitude when you have everything. It’s easy. Follow it,”the actor said and narrated a short story.

“A doctor, a heart surgeon to be specific, once went to a mechanic to have his car serviced. The mechanic and the doctor had a conversation after the mechanic finished his work. The mechanic said, ‘I more or less do the same work that you do. I take apart the parts and put them again together. I clear blockages and change spare parts. But why is it that you get so much name and fortune?’ The doctor, after a moment’s silence, replied, “Brother, try doing what you do when the vehicle is in motion.’ Friends, if you find what I say to be useful, take it. Else leave it,” the actor said at the function which was attended by music director A R Rahman, director Atlee, actresses Kajal Aggarwal and Samantha among others.