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Comedian Kaali Venkat on how he won the fight against Covid 19!

Kaali Venkat recovers from Covid 19

In a bid to give hope to those affected by the dreaded Corona virus and to create an awareness on the vicious virus, well known comedy actor Kaali Venkat has shared his own experience of how he managed to overcome the disease and recover.

In a video clip that he posted online, Kaali Venkat says that it was actor Ramesh Thilak who insisted that he share his experience of overcoming the disease online. “I too was affected by the second wave of this Covid pandemic last month. I had symptoms of Covid for around 22 days. I had fever, cough and breathlessness. When doctors took a CT scan, they found that I had a count of 12 out of 25. Undoubtedly, it was a very precarious state that I was in.

“I must have ideally been admitted to a hospital as my saturation levels dipped to 82 but then, there were no beds. My friend, Dr Murugesh Babu, who was guiding me from the start, was there to help me. I followed all his instructions very carefully and took all the medicines that he prescribed.

“My suggestion to you all is please take necessary steps to ensure that you do not catch the infection. But if, by some chance, you do get infected, do not panic. When I got to know that I had been infected, my mindset was, ‘I have got it. There is no point cribbing about it. Let us see what the medicine does.’ I kept focussing on how the medicine was helping me. I did not panic as I knew panicking wouldn’t help me in any way. I then slowly started to recover and today I am back, hale and hearty.

“So, my message is to stay safe but if for some reason, you catch the virus, don’t panic. Also, don’t ignore the symptoms. Go visit a doctor and follow their instructions carefully. These alone constitute the solution to this problem.”