Kajal Aggarwal loses Rs 2.5 crore legal suit against VVD

Kajal had demanded a sum of Rs 2.5 crore from the company as damages for what she claimed was copyright infringement

Actress Kajal Aggarwal has lost a Rs 2.5 crore copyright infringement suit that she had filed against coconut oil firm VVD and Sons.

The loss is considerable as Kajal has been fighting the case for over six years. The reason for the dispute is a video which was made by VVD and sons to promote their products.

Kajal featured in the video and all was well for a certain point of time. However, Kajal took exception to the fact that the company was continuing to use the video to promote its products even after a year after it was made.

Her contention was that the general norm being followed in the industry was that any advertisement could be used only for a year, unless and otherwise stated clearly. Usually, companies would have to renew the deal after a year to use the advertisement subsequently. She claimed that VVD had violated this norm and had been using the video for years without renewing the contract. She claimed damages amounting to Rs 2.5 crore from the company for this alleged copyright infringement.

However, the court dismissed her plea and ruled that an absolute owner of the copyright of a commercial film had every right to exploit the material for 60 years as per the Copyright Act.