Review: Monster Hunter

Director Paul Anderson’s ‘Monster Hunter’, which is the first 3D film to hit theatres in India post the lockdown, is a reasonably good action thriller…

Film: Monster Hunter
Director: Paul Anderson
Cast: Milla Jovovich, Tony Jaa and others
Cinematographer: Glen MacPherson

Rating: 3 stars

Director Paul Anderson’s ‘Monster Hunter’, which has the distinction of being the first 3D film to hit theatres in India post the lock down that was announced to keep Covid 19 at bay, is a reasonably good action thriller.

The film features Milla Jovovich as a Ranger with the UN. While on a mission to patrol wastelands, a strange phenomenon that occurs ends up transporting Jovovich and her team to another world that is fraught with danger.

Before long, Jovovich finds her entire team annihilated. Fighting for survival, she looks desperately for ways to escape. It is then that she realises that there is another person (Tony Jaa) from a different world with a very different set of skillsets, fighting the very same monsters that she is fighting.

Initially, the two consider each other foes but soon realise that they are both on the same side. How the two manage to take on these monsters then is what the film is all about.

Like most other action thrillers, Monster Hunter is also predictable to an extent. But despite this, its rich visual effects and action sequences thrill and entertain you.

Tony Jaa is just awesome as usual. His deadly kicks and delightful reflexes are just a treat to watch in action sequences. However, it is a pity that such sequences which showcase his agility are limited, in a bid to keep the focus on the film’s leading lady, Jovovich.

Milla Jovovich, who also happens to be the wife of director of Paul Anderson, appears really slow as compared to Jaa in the action sequences. Despite this, we are led to believe that she is as good as Jaa, if not better when it comes to hand combat. The credit for this goes to the stunt masters and choreographers of the fight sequences.

The film, based on Capcom’s popular video game franchise by the same name, also stars Clifford “T.I.” Harris, Jr.,  Meagan Good, Diego Boneta, Josh Helman, Jin Au-Yeung “MC Jin”, and Ron Perlman.

Music for the film is by Paul Haslinger. The work of a Cinematographer has significance in a 3D film. The task is doubly difficult in a 3D film as the cinematographer has to ensure that the shots he places are captured in a synchronised fashion by both his cameras, one for each eye. Even if there is a minuet difference between the time the two cameras take to capture images, it could result in a headache for audiences.

Cinematographer Glen MacPherson does a brilliant job and comes up with some stunning visuals that transport you to the scene of action.

Editor Doobie White seems to have known where to exactly end the film. On the whole, Monster Hunter is an entertaining film that can be enjoyed with the entire family.