Rajini hopeful that SIFCC will help resolve Kaala ban issue

Superstar Rajinikanth on Tuesday expressed hope that the South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce will intervene and help resolve the issue caused by the ban imposed by the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce on the release of his upcoming film Kaala in Karnataka.

The film is scheduled to release the world over on June 7, 2018.

Talking to reporters before leaving for Thoothukudi, where he was to meet and console those injured in the police firing incident, which left 13 people dead and scores injured, Rajini said, “I do not know the correct reason for the ban but the Karnataka chamber is a part of the South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce. So, definitely they will intervene and amicably resolve the issue.”

When asked to comment about his visit to Thoothukudi, Rajini said, “I am going to Thoothukudi for the first time. I am concerned that my visit to the place comes at a difficult time. I am going there to console those who have suffered injuries in the protest and have been hospitalised. It is a goodwill gesture. I feel my visit will make them happy and I will feel pleased. I believe they will feel happy about meeting a cinema artiste.”

It may be recalled that the police opened fire on peaceful protestors, demanding the closure of the Sterlite Copper plant, believed to be responsible for polluting the ground water in the region of Thoothukudi.

Talking to reporters in Thoothukudi after meeting the injured, Rajini said, “There were anti-social elements who had infiltrated the protests in Thoothukudi. The failure of the Intelligence department is the reason why anti-social elements were able to infiltrate these protests. Some of these protests are being incited. If this land turns into one of struggles and protests, then that will affect job opportunities and the industry here. For any problems, one must approach the courts. People shouldn’t stage protests for everything. When protesting, the people too must be careful, ” he added.