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Rajini issues stern warning to TN Govt over opening of TASMAC shops

Actor Rajinikanth has broken his silence on the controversial issue of the Tamil Nadu government choosing to open TASMAC shops at a time when the count of those having been infected by the deadly Corona virus seems to be growing at a steady pace in the state.

Although the shops are shut at the moment because of a High Court order, the Tamil Nadu government is looking to challenge the decision in a higher court.

The move hasn’t gone down too well with the public or with opposition party leaders.

Actor Rajinikanth, who had maintained a stoic silence until now, chose to comment on the issue today by putting out a tweet.

In it, he said, “If the government re-opens TASMAC shops at this point in time, they can forget their dream of coming to power again in the state. Kindly look at other ways to fill the treasury.”

Although the tweet was small, it had an acidic tone to it.

The Tamil Nadu government is in a dilemma as its sources of income have completely depleted because of the lockdown. With the Centre yet to release the state’s share of GST funds despite repeated requests and pleas and with no other sources of income, the state government desperately needs funds to keep up the relief operations in the state which has been badly affected by the Corona outbreak.