Review: Anbanavan, Asaradhavan, Adangadhavan

Director :Adhik Ravichandran ; Cast: Simbu, Tamannaah, Shriya Saran, Motta Rajendran, VTV Ganesh, Kasturi and G V Prakash

Cast: Simbu, Tamannaah, Shriya Saran, Motta Rajendran, VTV Ganesh, Kasturi and G V Prakash (cameo)

Director :Adhik Ravichandran

Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Cinematography: Krishnan Vasant

Anbanavan, Asaradhavan, Adangadhavan is a masala entertainer, in which Simbu plays three roles. The film has been made in two parts and only the first part has released now. The story begins in Dubai where Kasturi, an investigating officer, is busy hunting gangsters. Her prime target, we are told, is Madurai Michael (Simbu), a don whose origins lie in India. Micheal has been so good at deceiving the cops that the interpol doesn’t have so much as a photo of him.

One of Micheal’s close aides gets caught and on interrogation, discloses details of Madurai Michael’s history. He gives details of how Micheal turned a don and the circumstances that forced them to come to Dubai almost 30 years ago.

And that is where Simbu’s introduction scene as Madurai Michael happens. Michael, a fearless murderer, a trustworthy friend and a die-hard romantic all rolled into one, breaks free from prison to rescue his sweetheart(Shriya Saran) from getting married to another person on the day of her wedding. However, as he reaches the venue of the wedding, he has a change of heart and chooses not to interfere in her life as he wishes her to be peaceful and happy. The reason for his decision being his thought that she would suffer more being with him than without him. Soon, a flashback gives us details of who Michael was and how, just when he was about to turn a new leaf for Shriya’s sake, he was backstabbed by someone he trusted. Eventually, he and his friends leave for Dubai where he turns a don.

In the second half, the story swiftly fastforwards to 2017. Michael, who has settled down in Chennai with his friends, has turned old and assumed a new identity called Ashwin to stay off the radar of cops. He wishes to maintain a low profile but can’t keep still everytime he comes across injustice.

Just when you are expect the second half to be about how Ashwin Thaatha handles the cops who are looking for him, the story’s plot swings round and heads off in a completely different tangent. Yes, Ashwin Thatha’s meeting with Vijaykumar, an elderly person who has chosen to wed a young girl, makes him come up with the idea that he too should look for “true love”. An enthusiastic Ashwin Thaatha begins looking for a life partner. He issues an ad and in response, there are several applicants. He mistakes Tamannaah to be an applicant when she accompanies one of the applicants (Kovai Sarala) and eventually falls in love with her. Her admiring looks make him believe that she too is interested in him.

But then, fate delivers yet another rude shock to Michael alias Ashwin Thatha and it brings out Ashwin Thatha’s vicious side to the fore. What he plans to do is to follow in the sequel.

Simbu as both Ashwin Thaatha and Madurai Michael does a neat job. However, the film has too many punch lines. These lines might appeal to his fans but it is doubtful whether they will have the same effect on others.

The first half of the film, in which Simbu appears as Madurai Micheal and is seen romancing Shriya Saran, is slow with the story moving on predictable lines. Also, some sequences in the first half are annoying and downright dreadful. Simbu trying to revive Y G Mahendran, who, for some reason, is eager to suffer electric shocks, is one. In sharp contrast, the second half is a lot more interesting with the arrival of Ashwin Thaatha.

Also, the film is full of preachy dialogues. Some sequences might not go down well with family audiences such as the one where Mottai Rajendran is seen loitering around in the buff.

Shriya is just about okay while Tamannaah sizzles in the film. In fact, Tamannaah steals the show with her acting and dancing.

Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music is a big strength for the film as is the camera work of Krishnan Vasant.

On the whole, this film of Adhik Ravichandran may appeal to you if you are a Simbu fan.