Show love, not hate, Dhanush tells fans

Dhanush made this statement at the success meet of VIP 2

Actor Dhanush has asked fans of actors to spread love and not spew hate.

Responding to a question on what his thoughts were on fans responding harshly to criticism about their stars’ films in general and in particular, to a recent incident when a woman journalist was trolled for expressing her opinion on a film, Dhanush said, “We need to only give love to the world always. Love alone is permanent. So, spread love. If you like someone, talk as much as you want about them in a positive manner. If you don’t like someone, you can remain silent without talking about them. Don’t spew hatred. There is no necessity to spew hatred.

The actor continued, saying “Please show love. The world needs it. The world is moving towards a negative space. There is even a dialogue in VIP 2 in which we say, ‘The world is moving towards such a negative space that even good things are being looked upon with suspicion.’ It is very true. I feel it in my system. Beyond country, this world needs love. If people show love towards one another, nature will reciprocate and shower love on us.”