Oviya appeals to fans; Urges them not to harass Shakthi, Julie

Actress Oviya has appealed to her fans not to corner other evicted Bigg Boss contestants Shakthi and Julie

Actress Oviya, who participated in the television show Bigg Boss and who was evicted recently, has appealed to her fans not to harass or corner other Bigg Boss contestants like Julie and Shakthi.

The actress, who has had a phenomenal amount of support from the public, in a video on YouTube, appealed to fans asking them not to harass the other contestants, who have been evicted from the house.

Public sympathy has all along been for Oviya, who many felt, was being unfairly cornered by the other housemates.

The actress, in the video said, “Hello, how are you all doing? It’s me Oviya. I’m really happy. It is only now that I am watching a lot of videos. It is only now that I am realising that I have so much support. I have now realised that I have received such a warm welcome. Very happy about it.  To be honest, I did not expect this. I am very happy, thank you so much.

“But then, something difficult is happening now. Shakthi has come out and Julie has come out from Bigg Boss. When I think of their situation, it is hurting. There were 14 people there and some of them cornered me. That’s okay. For that itself, I know how I felt. I got mentally disturbed because of that.

“After coming out, everybody is cornering them and abusing them. All this is not good. Please don’t do that. I don’t need those curses upon me. It’s hurting. I know how it feels. Everybody makes mistakes. Nobody is perfect.I am also not perfect. So, please. Only if they commit mistakes are they human. If they don’t commit mistakes, they are animals. Only people have a heart and therefore a conscience. Our government itself pardons even those who rape and murder. So, their fault is nothing. So, please don’t disturb them. I can understand your love, support and protection but I don’t need you to show your love by disturbing or hurting others. I don’t need such fans,” the actress said.