Aranmanai 3 will be bigger, better than even earlier parts: Sundar C

Sundar C, the director of the Aranmanai franchise, says Aranmanai 3, which will hit screens on Oct14, will be better than the earlier parts

Sundar C at Aranmanai 3 press meet

Sundar C, the director of the immensely popular and hugely successful Aranmanai franchise, says Aranmanai 3, the third film in the franchise which is all set to hit screens on October 14, will be bigger and better than even the earlier parts.

“Aranmanai 3 has a story that has more value, better visuals and some outstanding CG work for a great theatrical experience,” he adds.

The eagerly awaited film has Arya playing the lead and just like the earlier films of the Aranmanai franchise, Aranmanai 3 too will feature three heroines — Raashi Khanna, Andrea Jeremiah and Sakshi Aggarwal.

Raashi Khanna, Arya in Aranmanai 3 Movie Stills

“We did not bring in three heroines just for the sake of it. The roles of all three heroines are integral to the story of Aranmanai 3 and just as in the earlier parts, all three heroines have strong characters,” he points out.

The director points out that making a film that is part of an immensely popular franchise like Aranmanai is difficult as people have huge expectations from such films.

“The film will have to have some elements that are common to the other films in the franchise but will also have to be unique in certain other aspects and possess a distinct identity of its own,” he says.

While the earlier two parts of the Aranmanai franchise were shot on sets erected for the purpose, the eagerly-awaited third part — Aranmanai 3, has been shot in a real palace in Gujarat!

“We thought that this time, it would be nice if we could actually get a real palace instead of a set. So, we searched all over the country and finally zeroed in on the Wankaner Palace in Gujarat, where the entire cast and crew stayed for 40 days. The stay was difficult but his cast and crew bore the difficulties and stayed there for my sake,” he says gratefully.

The director is all praise Raashi Khanna, who plays the female lead in his film. “She made an effort to learn Tamil and then deliver her lines although she wasn’t dubbing for the film,” he says and adds that her dialogue delivery on screen was so perfect that they didn’t have even a small issue during dubbing.

“There is perfect lip-synchronisation,” says Sundar C, who goes on to predict that Raashi will rise to great heights.

“From my experience, actresses who are dedicated and show an inclination to learn the language before delivering dialogues go on to great heights.”