Theethum Nandrum team lodges police complaint against vernacular magazine Ananda Vikatan for review

The makers of Theethum Nandrum have filed a police complaint against Ananda Vikatan for causing financial losses to them through its review


The makers of the Tamil film Theethum Nandrum, which released a week ago, have filed a police complaint against the popular vernacular magazine Ananda Vikatan for causing financial losses to them through its review, which the filmmakers claim was in poor taste and factually inaccurate.

The film, which features Rasu Ranjith, Aparna Balamurali, Lijomol Jose and others, has been directed by Rasu Ranjith and produced by Charles Immanuel.

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In a statement, the filmmakers said, “It is not wrong to criticise a film but it causes a problem when they cross limits in the name of reviewing a film…. We had arranged for a screening of our film for the media on March 9. After watching our film, several journalists pointed out both positives and negatives in our film to us. We accepted all of them. Most reviewers gave our film a good rating and that translated into crowds bigger than what we expected at the theatres when the film released on March 12.

“Theatre owners and distributors were congratulating us for our success. It was at this point that a review posted on Cinema Vikatan’s Facebook page and the group’s Timepass Internet page appeared. We are not against them reviewing our film but then, the review was slanderous. They tried to portray our picture as having only negatives. What was disheartening was that they had concluded the review by telling people not to take the “risk of going to theatres to watch” our film.

“By making such statements, they have stopped our audiences from coming to theatres. Moreover, in their review, they have claimed that our film is five years old. Can they prove that our film is five years old? By making such statements that lack credibility, they have caused a huge financial loss to the production house apart from causing mental distress to the filmmakers. We are shocked that one of Tamil Nadu’s biggest media houses has done such an act.”