‘The spark for Endravadhu Oru Naal came from a poor farmer trying to save his bulls from butchers!’

Director Vetri Duraisamy says the spark for his Endravadhu Oru Naal came from a poor farmer trying to save his bulls from butchers

Debutant director Vetri Duraisamy’s film, Endravadhu Oru Naal, which features Vidharth and Ramya Nambessan in the lead, is all set to be aired on Zee Tamil on October 3.

Vetri Duraisamy says the spark for the script of his film, which revolves around an agricultural family languishing in poverty, came from an incident that occurred in his life.

“My family owns farm animals and two bulls that I bought were sold by a family that had a tough time letting go off the animals that they had so lovingly brought up. What happened was a very touching incident. They had sold the animals because of poverty to someone else and they in turn had sold the animals to butchers. Unable to bear the thought of their cattle being butchered, the family that had originally brought up the bulls approached us. We then had to buy back the animals. We had to go and convince the butchers to let go off the animals by paying them more than what they had paid for them. This incident is what led to the spark that gave rise to this script,” says the director.

Endravadhu Oru Naal’s story is about an agricultural family that lovingly brings up two bulls. Poverty forces them into a situation where they have to sell the animals off. They have no other option but to let their son work. How middlemen exploit the situation to their advantage and how parents, who are kept in the dark, struggle, is what the film is all about.

The film, which is inspired by a number of real life incidents, was shot in and around the Kongu belt.

“We shot the film in and around a region called Vellakoil, which comes under the Kongu belt,” says the director, going on to give details of what led him to come up with such a script, which he says he wrote in 2016-2017.

The director says that his film will be a hard take on reality but that they were not demonising anyone.

“We understand that the situations are what make everyone behave the way they do. So, our film does not demonise individuals or entities. It is only the situations and circumstances that are to be blamed,” he says.

The film, which will be aired on Zee Tamil on October 3, will be available on the OTT platform Zee 5 from October 8.