Endravadhu Oru Naal rekindles Vidharth’s childhood memories of living in a farm

Vetri Duraisamy’s Endravadhu Oru Naal rekindles Vidharth’s childhood memories of living in a farm. Prompts him to buy small farm in Kangeyam

Raman Aandalum Ravanan Aandalum

Actor Vidharth, who will be seen playing the lead in debut director Vetri Duraisamy’s Endravadhu Oru Naal, which is all set to be aired on Tamil television channel Zee Tamil on October 3 before being released on the OTT platform Zee5, says he accepted the film as he found the role to be a challenging one.

Actor Vidharth says, ” I play the hero Thangamuthu in this film, the story of which moved me when I listened to it. I am someone who does not wish to be in my comfort zone and I like to look for challenging roles. This role was a challenge and so I chose to do this film.”

Endravadhu Oru Naal’s story is about an agricultural family that lovingly brings up two bulls. Poverty forces them into a situation where they have to sell the animals off. They have no other option but to let their son work. How middlemen exploit the situation to their advantage and how parents, who are kept in the dark, struggle, is what the film is all about.

Stating that he connected at a very deep level with the story because of having owned farm animals himself, Vidharth says, “I grew up in a joint family comprising almost 20 people. We lived in a small house in which we also made space for two calves. The calves were not tied outside in sheds for they were as much a part of the family as we were. As kids, we would fight with one another to feed them. They would be kept in a small verandah that was a part of our home. At one point, when they grew up, there was no space and they had to be sold. So, I could understand the pain of the characters.”

The experience seems to have reminded the actor of his childhood days so much that he has now bought a small piece of land in Kangeyam, a place where he intends to also pursue agriculture at a small level for his inner peace.

“My mother and I were there at Kangeyam during these last two years when the world was struck by the Covid pandemic. My brother has settled down there. I intend to go there and indulge in some farm activities occasionally,” he says.

The actor says that the biggest challenge with regard to this film was speaking the local dialect. “The story takes place in the Coimbatore belt and therefore, I had to speak that particular slang. That was quite a challenge,” says Vidharth, who is sure that the film will earn a lot of accolades from the public as well.