Visaraanai’s story writer Chandrakumar helps migrant woman deliver child after other women refuse to help her

Auto driver M Chandrakumar, whose novel Lock Up went on to inspire director Vetrimaran to make the critically acclaimed superhit Visaaranai, is back in the news and this time, it is for helping a pregnant woman deliver a beautiful baby boy.

Yes, Chandrakumar, who is called Chandran by friends, recently received a call for help from his friend Palanisamy.

Says a source, “Palanisamy reportedly asked Chandran to come down to the CPI office in Thulasiammal Layout near Singanallur as a woman, identified as Baladevi from Odisha, was in labour pain and had to be taken to a hospital.

“Although Chandran reached the spot in less than 10 minutes, Baladevi had reached a stage where she could not even be moved to the office. The delivery had to take place there itself. Several women were present there. When Chandran requested the women present there to help Baladevi deliver the child, they refused. None of them came forward. It was then that the auto driver took it upon himself to help the poor woman deliver the child,” says the source.

An ambulance arrived after the baby was delivered. The ambulance personnel cut the umblical cord of the baby and wrapped it in a towel. Both the mother and the child were then taken to the Coimbatore Medical College Hospital.