I hope the teacher who harrassed PSBB students is hanged: Vishal

Actor Vishal demanded that the Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan school teacher, accused of sexually harassing students, be hanged

Vishal demands death for suspect in PSBB controversy

Actor Vishal on Friday expressed the hope that the Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan school teacher, accused of sexually harrassing students of the school, is hanged to teach other future offenders guilty of similar offences a lesson.

In a statement, which he posted on Twitter, Vishal said, “The Sexual Harrassment by a Teacher from PSBB makes me cringe & realise that the School should be shut, not once anyone has apologised to the Students/Parents affected, such crimes should be taken really harshly. (sic)

“I request my friend Anbil_Mahesh, the Minister for School Education to take a very strong step so that such incidents never happen again. (sic)

“It’s a disgrace that people are changing this topic into a communal issue. I hope that person who actually harassed the students be hanged for future teachers and schools to know that this is a crime that has to be immediately attended (sic)

“At least now apologise to the Students/Parents and not make it a communal issue – Vishal.”

The school, which was established by a group of housewives in 1958 and which has actor Y G Mahendran as one of its trustees, finds itself in the midst of a controversy after several current and former students levelled allegations of sexual harrassment against one of the male teachers of the school.

The male teacher, identified as Rajagopalan, has been accused of touching students inappropriately, passing inappropriate comments on students’ bodies, sharing pornographic links with students and turning up to online class with only a towel wrapped around his waist.

Police have arrested Rajagopalan and are inquiring into the allegations levelled against him.