Watchman with M Phil degree leaves Actor Sathish stunned!

Actor Sathish, who is today one of the top comedians in the Tamil film industry, has put out a video in which he tells the truly inspiring story of his watchman, who has now turned a teacher!

Yes, in the video clip, which the actor tweeted using his Twitter handle, actor Sathish says, “An inspiration can come from anywhere. I wish to introduce you to a person who has inspired me. He is a security guard at my apartment. The person I am referring to is Balusamy, a person who is very cordial and well behaved. Yesterday, Balusamy told me that he would be working here for only a month as he would be joining a popular school in the city after that.

“Under the impression that he would be joining there too as a security officer, I asked him his designation at the school.To my surprise, Balusamy told me that he would be joining the school as a Tamil teacher. Even more impressive was the fact that he would be handling classes for students of ninth and tenth standards. It was then that I got to know that his educational qualifications were M.A., M.Phil, B.Ed. He has been working here as a security officer while searching for a job,” the actor said, beaming with happiness.

The security guard, who spoke next in the clip, said, “I think the wise thing to do would be to do whatever job you find and search for a more suitable job. This job that I have got at this school is a recognition of my talent. I assure you that I will use this talent to create good students for this society.”

Truly, this is a big inspiration for all of us!

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