Why the song Chellama from Sivakarthikeyan’s Doctor is a must watch!

The song Chellama from actor Sivakarthikeyan’s upcoming film Doctor leaves you mesmerised. Music director Anirudh scores a winner with this one

Anirudh, sivakarthikeyan, jonita gandhi and Nelson

I am not someone who believes in reviewing a song and so have never have indulged in that exercise until now.

However, I thought I’ll make an exception for this number called Chellama from Doctor. The film is being directed by Nelson and features Sivakarthikeyan in the lead. Also, it has Anirudh scoring the music. The team decided to release the number this evening and like scores of other songs before this one, I decided to check this one out too.

The number had a pleasant impact.

In a year that has brought nothing but gloom to the world right from the time it started, Chellama happens to be the first proper number that actually brought a smile to my face.

Everything about the song works. It’s got romance, comedy, charm and an insane amount of attraction almost to the point of being hypnotic. You cannot but give in to the temptation of listening to it again and again.

It is not just the song. The brief interaction that happens between the producer Sivakarthikeyan (who incidentally also happens to be the lyricist for this song), director Nelson and music director Anirudh just before the song is simply hilarious.

The spirit with which the song is sung by Anirudh and the manner in which he is supported by Sivakarthikeyan and Nelson bring about a sense of joy to listeners, almost making you want to join them in their dance.

Jonita Gandhi does a brilliant job of rendering her portions. She is as always cute although her outfit makes you laugh.

By the time the song ends, you feel that Sivakarthikeyan is all set to score big with this film. But more importantly, you feel like thanking the team for reminding us how to smile again!