Apologise or face legal action, lawyer tells Bigg Boss, Kamal Haasan, Shakthi Vasu

The lawyer is representing the Isai Vellalar community, which considers the Nadaswaram to be a holy instrument

There is more trouble for the television show Bigg Boss, its host Kamal Haasan, and one of its participants, Shakthi.

A lawyer, representing the Isai Vellalar Community, has sent a legal notice to all of them, demanding an unconditional apology from them for the “disrespectful” manner in which Shakthi handled a musical instrument, the Nadaswaram, in one of the episodes.

The lawyer claimed that the Isai Vellalar community considers the Nadaswaram to be a “divine gifted holy instrument” and the disrespectful handling amounted to a defamatory act. The lawyer claimed that the actions were an insult to the Isai Vellalar community and were also defamatory.

He alleged, “All of you have committeed both civil and criminal defamation by disrespecting the Nadasvararam and particularly, the Isai Vellalar community. The act of you have caused great damage to the glorious tradition and reverance of the Isai Vellalar community. “

He demanded that all of the four people to whom he had sent the notice, tender an unconditional apology by way of publishing in all newspapers from Tamil Nadu, an apology for “defaming and disrespecting” the Nadasvaram within seven days of receiving the notice.

He also demanded that Kamal and Shakthi Vasu tender an apology both at the start and end of the programme for a week. Failure to do so would invite legal action, both civil and criminal, against all of them, he threatened.