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Now, a Tamil comedy film on Corona lockdown!

Director Gokul's next is Corona Kumar

Gokul, the director of the rip-roaring superhit comedy film, Idharkuthane Aasaipattai Balakumara, is to next do what he does best — make a comedy film. Yes, director Gokul, who is at the moment directing the Tamil remake of the Malayalam superhit film Helen, is to next direct a full length, funny family entertainer called Corona Kumar.

As the name suggests, the film’s story will revolve around developments that happen during the lockdown announced to contain Corona.

It is only during this pandemic that many of us have begun to realise the importance of the love and affection that we show to family members, friends and society. This virus has brought a significant change in our lives. Corona Kumar’s story will highlight these facts.

Director Gokul, who is also known for having directed well known films like Rowthiram, Kashmora and Junga, says he was looking to develop an idea with the characters of his immensely successful film Idharkkuthaane Aasaipattai Balakumara when suddenly, the lockdown was announced.

“During the lockdown, we had to keep our social distance and wear masks. We keep coming across instances where people are quarantined. All of this creates a sense of anxiety in us. It is true that the Corona virus is contagious. But then, this virus, which is invisible to the human eye, has made some of us to have a misplaced understanding of it which in turn has resulted in undesirable behaviour. Fearing it, we cannot compromise our humane nature. We are looking to reinforce all these ideas in a humourous manner in our film,”says Gokul, who discloses that the film will have several good social messages.

Stating that Corona Kumar will be a spin-off, Gokul says the entire story of the film takes place during the lockdown.

The film is to be produced by K Sathish on behalf of Cinemavala Pictures. The cast and crew of the film will be announced soon.

Sources say the team will start work on the film immediately once the lockdown ends and the government grants permission to resume shooting.

The team says that at a time when the Corona virus has brought in a lot of anxiety and misery, this film will provide some much needed relief in the form of a good comedy.