Won’t return to Bigg Boss: Oviya

The actress made this clear in a video she put out…

Actress Oviya has categorically stated that she will not return to Bigg Boss as a contestant.

The actress, who was recently evicted from Bigg Boss, made this clear while choosing to address fans through a video.

In the video, the actress tried to give answers to several questions that fans and the common public have been posing to her.

Responding to a question on whether she will return to Bigg Boss, she said, “There have been several people who have asked me if I will return to Bigg Boss. I will certainly not return to Bigg Boss as a contestant. But you can watch me in movies. I will be doing movies. Please don’t watch the movies for my sake. If you like the movie, go watch it. Else, if you don’t like it, you can criticize it. I don’t have any problems with you doing that.”