God has punished me, says heart-broken actress Yaashika Anand!

Actress Yaashika Anand has urged the family of her friend, who died in the mishap caused by her, to forgive her

God has punished me says Yaashika Anand

Actress Yaashika Anand, who is recuperating in a hospital after having been badly injured in a tragic accident that occurred near Mahabalipuram, has pleaded with the family of her friend, who died in the mishap, to forgive her.

Taking to social media, the distraught actress, said, “I really can’t express what I’m going through right now. I will forever feel guilty to be alive. I don’t know if I should thank God for saving me from that tragic accident or blame God my whole life for taking away my bestest friend away from me. I really miss u each second Pavani. I know you can never forgive me!!

“I’m really sorry I put your family in such a horrible situation. Just know I miss u each second and I’m forever guilty to be alive. Hope your soul rests in peace. I pray you come back to me !!

“Hope someday your family forgives me! I’ll forever cherish our memories paw.”

The actress in another post also lashed out at media reports that were speculating if whether the accident had been caused as a result of the actress being drunk at the time of the incident.

“I won’t be celebrating my birthday and request all my fans also to not celebrate my birthday. Please pray for her family! God give them more strength. Biggest loss of my life. Please someday forgive me. I miss U!

“For all the cheap people who have been spreading rumours about me being intoxicated while driving, let me tell u the police confirmed we weren’t drunk at all. And if I was, I would have been behind the bars and not in hospital!

“Fake people spreading fake news has been going on from so long. But it’s a sensitive issue. Hope u show some humanity and show some grief towards her. Even the doctor reports would say the same!

These fake media channels spreading fake news for the sake of viewers and subscribers!Shame on you! I’ve filed a defamation case already for ruining my name 2 years back. But these people can go to any extent for the sake of gossip.

“Apart from the negativity, I’m grateful for all the prayers and well wishers. Thank you for your care and love.”

The actress also gave an update on how badly she had been injured, both physically and emotionally.

“Multiple fractures in pelvic bone and right leg fractured. I’m resting post my surgeries. I won’t be able to walk or stand for the next five months. I’ve been bedridden all day and I have to pass motions on the same bed. I can’t turn left or right also.

“I’ve been stiff for these many days. My back is fully injured. Luckily, nothing happened to my face but this is definitely a rebirth for me. Which I didn’t ask for. Mentally and physically, I’m injured. God has punished me. But this is nothing compared to what I have lost,” she wrote.