Leaked Theatre Owners’ list raises eyebrows as Kamal Haasan’s name goes missing from Tiers 1 and 2!

A new circular issued by the Tamil Nadu Theatre and Multiplex Owners’ Association to its members, classifying actors into different categories based on the openings they command, has raised eyebrows among industry experts, film pundits and film buffs.

The reason why this circular has raised eyebrows is because it places only actors Rajinikanth,Vijay and Ajith in Tier 1.  Tier 2 has Suriya, Jayam Ravi, Dhanush, Simbu, Sivakarthikeyan and Vijay Sethupathi. The name of actor Kamal Haasan, who is hailed as one of the two top stars in the Tamil film industry, is nowhere to be found in either Tier 1 or 2.

The document clearly states that all other actors have been placed in Tier 3. This can only mean actor Kamal has been placed in Tier 3.

The Association in this circular has asked its members to share profits with producers according to the percentages in the list. The decision seems to have been made on  April 24 this year after taking into account the rising maintenance costs, increased salaries of theatre employees and revised property taxes.