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Rajini’s political party called ‘Makkal Sevai Katchi’?


Actor Rajinikanth’s political party, if one is to go by rumours doing the rounds, has been named Makkal Sevai Katchi.

It may be recalled that actor Rajinikanth had announced that he would announce the launch date of his party on December 31 this year and that the party would come into existence in January next year.

Under these circumstances, news has now broken out that Rajini has named his party the Makkal Sevai Katchi (which when translated means People’s Service Party).

Unconfirmed reports say that if one is to go by records with the Election Commission, Rajini has registered his party under the name Makkal Sevai Katchi.

Rumours also have it that the actor had asked for his famous ‘Baba’ sign as his party’s symbol. However, the Election Commission has dismissed that request and has instead allocated an auto symbol to Rajinikanth’s political party.

It was only in the first week of December that Rajinikanth had appointed Arjunamurthy as his party’s Chief Co-ordinator apart from assigning Tamil Aruvi Manian the task of overseeing party operations.