MRAs demolish actress Tanushree Dutta’s defence of B’lore woman who played victim card against Zomato delivery boy

Meninists have demolished Tanushree Dutta’s ‘defence’ of Hitesha Chandranee, who had alleged she had been attacked by a Zomato delivery boy.

Tanushree Dutta's defence ripped apart by men's rights activists

Men’s Rights Activists (MRAs) have demolished well known feminist icon and actress Tanushree Dutta’s ‘defence’ of Bangalore woman, Hitesha Chandranee, who had alleged that she had been attacked by a Zomato delivery boy.

Feminists rallied to the support of Chandranee, lambasting Zomato and the delivery boy Kamaraj. However, after his version appeared on a news site, objective readers found it to be more credible than that of the woman and rallied to his support. Eventually, support for the man grew, with the poor man finally being able to even file a complaint against the woman.

It was under these circumstances that the actress, who has acted in a number of Hindi films and a Tamil film called Theeradha Vilayattu Pillai, jumped in by putting out a post defending the Bangalore woman.

Using cuss words in her lengthy post, Tanushree went on to make unqualified and baseless statements about men, aimed at belittling and insulting them. She also indulged in name calling those supporting the delivery guy.

On her Instagram handle, she wrote, “So wait a f***ing minute and think what you dumb asses are saying!

  1. An educated urban 20 or 30 something woman orders food after a long days work. Ends up with a broken bleeding nose. And there is supposed to be another side to the story??
  2. The men who assault women and are at risk of getting imprisoned will obviously deny the truth. They will cry, jump up and down, beg, plead, play sympathy card and whatever else they need to do to get away. No man in the history of Indian justice system has ever said ” yeah I did it” they deny even when they are in prison serving a life sentence.
  3. She refused to pay/ refused to give food back, verbally abused him and hit him with a chappal. Why didnt he go to the police then?? And so She then hit herself with her own ring and bled a river, ruined her face, got stitches at the hospital, with worried parents n all in another city and all this for publicity according to some blondes…🙄
  4. Why is the food delivery service paying for her treatment if she is such a liar and publicity seeker??
  5. How suddenly Bollywood digital portals and celebs have jumped in to say they believe the guy trying to spin another narrative to the crime?? Because a middle class software engineer cannot afford the kind of PR disaster management service that a top food delivery app has access to.
  6. My question to everyone out there including our desi dud heroines who are pouring their heart on the poor victimised delivery boy…you were ther? U saw what happened?? A 4.5 rating ensures a saint is it??
  7. So now uneducated brute men will come into the homes of single women and assault them in broad daylight at slightest provocation, cry crocodile tears on social media to confuse the masses and our very bright fake feminist celebs will try to manipulate the justice system with their expert tippany.??
  8. P.s I’m unsubscribing from this food delivery service coz I can see through this bullshit PR game of deceit and intimidation! Another side of story my foot…you are worried about your stocks crashing, angel investors backing out and shares plummeting lol…
  9. Some of us know how media can be bought and sold to create perceptions. Not cool!”

Men’s rights activists responded strongly to Tanushree’s rants, pointing out how skewed, unfair, lopsided and illogical her arguments were. Several men’s rights activists demolished all of Tanushree’s rants, with one going on to give a point by point rebuttal to the actress’ Instagram post.

Detailed posts by Men’s rights activists showcased the hyprocrisy and double standards feminists employ.

One men’s rights activist hit back sharply at Tanushree saying, “The man you are calling an uneducated brute is someone who lost his father at the age of 15 and is since then working and slogging hard to earn for his family. Please ask the educated brute women like the one you are defending to learn that it’s not the delivery boy who takes a call on food orders but the company. Please know and let ones like you know that any provocation or action has a reaction and when people react, stop behaving like hapless damsels. If you abuse and get abused, take it as a fight of equals and don’t then shed abla naari crocodile tears to gain sympathy….”

Reacting to the question to those supporting the delivery boy, in which Tanushree had asked if they were there, the activist retorted, “…Madam- were you there to see what happened? What right do you have to declare him guilty? A beauty influencer is devi of truth, is it? Or just because she’s a woman, she must be telling the truth? Sorry. Doesn’t work that way. Indian Justice System listens to both sides. Glad it does. Otherwise in times of #MeToo, folks like you would want to imprison all men, just basis words of a woman.”

The post put up by the men’s rights activist also responded to every other point she had made.

For instance, some of the points that they made read as follows…

“1. She ordered food at 3.30 pm. That’s not a long day’s work… The nose was bleeding. There’s no proof yet that it was broken. She accused the delivery boy. That’s why there has to be his side of the story. Every story has unless you are someone who wants to impose your words as the gospel truth on the world because of your gender.

“2. Any person accused of something has the right given by any justice system in the world to defend themselves, be it man or woman… Women who are accused of assault or cheating or sexual abuse also say they didn’t do it. The only one who played the sympathy card in this case was Hitesha who captured photos and videos and turned it into a tear jerker, asking people to support her… Everyone can see who played the sympathy card except you for obvious reasons. Probably, you did the same. Also, she hid from people that it was a cash on delivery, the basis of the conflict, in her video. Guess why?

“3.He didn’t inform the police because one, these poor souls are used to such behaviour by entitled brats who pick up a fight for Rs 200 and two, he knew the police won’t even believe him if he complained against a woman…

“4….If they (Zomato) didn’t pay her for medical expenses, imagine, if she can pull such a stunt for no free food, what she would do if she paid for treatment herself….

“5. Zomato did not put out the other side FYI. It is the news platform ‘The News Minute’ that put out the other side and legitimately so. It is when people saw him narrate what happened and when they analysed both stories that they believed him more than her….People aren’t fool to not see through the truth. It’s only manipulators of truth who become angry when their narrative is challenged. Hitesha has stopped comments on her posts. She hasn’t produced x ray of her so called broken nose that apparently needed surgery. It’s not any company’s PR that is doing disaster management but junta that is deciphering the episode. But then I guess, you are all about PR. So you think everyone is.”

It may be recalled that the actress Tanushree Dutta had levelled #MeToo allegations against Nana Patekar in 2018. The police, after conducting an investigation into her allegations, concluded they could find no evidence to support her complaint.