Rolls Royce case: Vijay to appeal Madras HC verdict

Actor Vijay is to appeal the decision of the Madras High Court, which had imposed a fine of Rs 1 lakh on him, in the Rolls Royce case

Stung by the strong observations of the Madras High Court, which also imposed a fine of Rs one lakh for looking to evade an Entry Tax imposed by the government on his Rolls Royce car, actor Vijay has decided to appeal the decision.

Sources close to the legal team of the actor say that the star will be appealing the decision, not to avoid paying tax or the fine imposed by the court but to place on record his objections to the comments made in the verdict.

Pointing out that Vijay is not the only one to have challenged the Entry tax and that there are at least 200 other people who have done so in Tamil Nadu itself, sources say that over 10 different Madras High Court judges have dismissed cases filed by various persons but in no case were unnecessary remarks made.

Vijay’s lawyer S Kumaresan said, “There was absolutely no intention to evade paying tax. The petition was filed only because the Court’s order and the government’s approach were in contradiction to one another. If then itself, there had been an order stating that the Entry Tax must be paid, Vijay would have paid it. Nobody can use one’s societal status to escape being taxed and Vijay too knows this. Now, the honourable judge has expressed objectionable opinions and has also imposed a fine on us. We will file an appeal against the portions that we find objectionable in the order. We believe that such harsh and hurting opinions shouldn’t have been made. We will face this legally.”